Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stacking the Shelves July 27th, 2014

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.  It is a way for us to share the new books we have collected.  Several things this week to share, not a bad week.

 Free Nook Books:

I feel like I've seen this one talked about, either on other blogs, or as an e-galley somewhere, but it sounded good, and was free, so I grabbed it!

Purchased e-book:

If you have followed me and read some of my posts about favorite books, you're sure to have seen me post about the Meg series by Steve Alten.  It is one of my favorite series.  I was looking on Goodreads to make sure of which one was first in the series, because for some reason I don't seem to own the first one.  And then I saw this prequel e-book.  It was only available on Amazon, so I ordered it for my Kindle app.

Purchased books:

Now, I will admit that the cover is what got me to pick up this book, I love cupcakes.  And while there was one time that I spent most of my book money on this "chick lit" type of book, I didn't ever grab it.  Until, I was in the bookstore I work at part time on Friday, celebrating our location's 10th anniversary, and of course I couldn't resist wandering through the books while I was there.  And I found this on the bargain table, so for the $4.98, plus my 30% employee discount, I couldn't pass it up.  

ARC from bookstore where I work:

This was one I'd really wanted to get at BEA, but just gave up on even trying to get through the Harlequin lines as they were always so long, and I would have had to pass so many other books I wanted up.  Imagine my surprise and excitement to see it laying on the table at the bookstore when I was there this past Friday, free for the employees to take and read. 


I won this from Ensconced in Lit during their blogoversary celebration!  It actually was mailed directly from the author, along with a couple bookmarks!  I've heard great things about this series, so was glad of the opportunity to get my hands on the first one.

Speaking of blogoversaries, mine is coming up the 2nd week of August, and I've been reaching out to authors for swag or other prizes such as books.  So keep up with my blog so you can be sure to enter for those prizes along with a gift card or prize from The Book Depository for my international followrs.  No e-galleys this week for me as you can see, which is probably okay as I have so many I need to read right now anyway!  So what did you add to your shelves, virtual or real, this week?