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Book Blitz and Giveaway: The Illusion of Ecstasy by Nicole Loufas

Book info:
Title: Illusion of Ecstasy
Author:  Nicole Loufas
Series:  2nd Dose in the Thizz Series
Publication date: December 1st, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
When Dani discovered the cash hidden in her attic, she had no idea the problems it would bring. With the help of the Marino’s, Dani is able to launder her father’s dirty money, but their help comes with a price. Her relationship with Matt.
Not wanting to hurt Dani’s future or freedom, Matt removes himself from the equation to keep everyone safe. But when it’s time to go home, he has to decide which is more important – watching his little sister grow up or returning to the girl of his dreams.
Nick is determined to make good on all the bad he’s caused, and has finally accepted his role as a Marino. Fate doesn’t make it easy for him. Especially, when he returns from Europe to find Dani is falling apart. With Matt out of the picture, Nick contemplates a future with the only girl he’s ever loved.
In the conclusion to Thizz, A Love Story, follow Dani, Matt, and Nick on a soul-searching journey into adulthood. The Illusion of Ecstasy explores the emotional tribulations they encounter without the help of thizz. How to deal with real emotion becomes the biggest obstacle of all on their road to maturity.
Nick and I circle each other for a few minutes. I wait for him to make the first move. He always makes the first move. To my surprise, he just keeps circling and smiling. Finally, I go for it. I lunge, and he falls against the padded headboard. Wood cracks. I keep wailing on him with the pillow. Nick grabs me around my knees and takes me down. He tries to pin me using a move I taught him. He has no chance. I arch my back and twist my body. Before Nick can take his next breath, I’ve got him flipped over. We’re both breathing heavy. I hold Nick by the neck, not too hard. I don’t want to hurt him. Not really. I’m lying on my back, my arm wrapped around his neck as he’s lying beside me, sort of in front of me. I feel his hand tap out at the same time the screen on the front door squeaks open and then slams shut.
Nick starts to laugh when Dani appears in the doorway.
She takes in the room. The comforter on the floor, the sheets askew. Nick in my arms. She’s trying really hard to keep a straight face. “Am I interrupting something?”
“Just working out some aggression,” Nick jokes and breaks free.
I want to ask what she’s doing here, but I suspect Nick had everything to do with it. The phone call, changing the sheets, it makes sense now. That thoughtful motherfucker.
“I can come back later,” she teases and breaks into a huge grin. Her face lights up. She only beams like this when she’s high. There is only one person who could’ve given her pills.
Nick jumps off the bed and wraps Dani in his arms. He pulls back and kisses her on the forehead. Her eyes flutter closed, and all I can think is—karma is a bitch.


Author Bio:
Nicole was born and raised in California. She claims to be a San Francisco native, however she's lived in both Northern and Southern California. She credits her creativity to the fact that she attended 12 schools between kindergarten and her senior year in high school. Her nomadic childhood allowed her to reinvent herself often. Some might say she was a liar. While others see the stories she told as a coping mechanism. Twelve schools, in six cities, in twelve years - give her a break. Today she channels her storytelling ability into writing novels. Long story short - kids that lie become writers.


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Promo Post: YA Booktube Awards 2016

Today I'm here to help promote the Booktube awards for Elizabeth at The Owlery.  She announced the awards in a blog post back in October.  Here is what the post was about:

I am so happy to finally announce this project which has been 5 months in the making!

From October 15th to December 31 we will be voting for our favorite YA books of 2016. The judges listed below will then read and judge the top 3 books from each category and in a live show we will discuss and vote for our favorites! The dates for the live shows are to be determined!

I am so incredibly grateful to all the amazing booktubers who agreed to be a apart of this! Please make sure you click on their faces below and subscribe! For day to day updates check out our Twitter and Goodreads!

The Top 3 Books Will Be Announced on January 2nd on my channel! The top 3 books will be discussed during live shows and a winner will be chosen in each genre! Check out this video for all the dates!

To read the entire post, you can go HERE. 

There are also 10 giveaways that you can enter to win many different prizes.  The place to do that is HERE. 

And last, but not least, how do you vote?  Where do you vote? When can you vote?  Starting October 15th voting was opened, and it will stay open until December 31st.  To vote, pick your favorite YA books of 2016 that fit the different categories I've listed below:
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Thriller/Mystery
  • Debut Author
  • Retellings
  • Fantasy
  • Graphic Work
  • Science Fiction/Dystopian
Once you know your choices, title and author, go to the voting site HERE.  And don't forget to go back and enter the giveaways after you're done! 

Review: Road-Tripped (Ad Agency #1) by Nicole Archer

Book info:
Author:  Nicole Archer
SeriesAd Agency #1
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  August 1st, 2016
Source:  E-book gifted from author for fair review
My rating:  5 stars

I am so grateful to this author for sending me a copy of her book to read.  When I picked this one to start reading I had no idea just how funny it was going to be.  The humor in it reminds me a lot of the books in the Hudson Valley series by Alice Clayton.  Both books have things that happen that are just so realistic!  Things that are real and very embarrassing.  However, Road-Tripped takes the embarrassing moments and pushes them one step further, not in an unrealistic way, but in a way that you know someone out there has had a similar experience, and it is almost so horrible that it is unbelievable.  And while I have never had these specific mortifying experiences, I have had some that have been pretty comparable when I think about the empathy created for the characters as I read about what was happening to them.  

The characters themselves were also very believable.  And the misunderstandings and preconceptions each of them had about each other that led to many of the humorous moments I hinted at above were again very realistic. They're the kinds of things I know that I have probably thought about people from what I've heard or seen of them before I ever get a chance to meet them and get to know them.  Okay, let me give you a little run-down of the story itself, then I'll gush over it a little more.

There are two main characters and we get the story from both of their viewpoints.  Callie is working a new job for a friend, who helped her out when her life kind of went down the toilet.  Only she isn't really as grateful for it as you'd think.  She can't stand most of the people she works with, especially given the way the office is run.  And from people like my sister who actually work in a place where they do things like game tables and parties, I know that the environment is realistic.  Callie is grumpy, likes to swear, and cannot stand the guy that she thinks is nothing but the office manwhore, the guy that all the women want so sleep with, including the woman who is kind of her worst enemy in the office.

The other main character is Walker, said "manwhore" according to Callie.  Sure, he's friendly, and very attractive, and all that, but he's also very unhappy in his job as art director.  He loves photography, and really wants to do something more like that.  He has been assigned to drive across country in an RV that is one of their current client's product.  At first he is going to get to go with a friend of his in the office. But she drops out at the last minute, and their boss chooses Callie, the one woman who seems to be completely immune to his charms, as well as seems to hate him, to be the replacement.

As you can guess, the road trip is full of many fun experiences. They stop at a lot of famous landmarks, as well as dropping in on family and friends along the way.  The end up camping at a nudist colony by accident.  They get caught in a hurricane.  And Callie might get a little high with Walker's grandmother, when they stop by for a visit.  Both of them will learn that the other is not quite who they think they are from their first impressions.  Both of them will have to work on the attraction between them, they may even give into it, and of course that will create its own issues for the trip.  As well as many, many hilarious moments and some very sexy ones as well!

This was one of those books that I had to be careful about reading in public, because it literally made me laugh out loud.  Not just a quiet chuckle, or a giggle, but gut-busting, can't hold it in guffaws at times!  And you know what was bad?  I was reading it on my laptop, at work sometimes, and oh my gosh was it so hard to hold that in!  So hard that I couldn't.  I got some strange looks the days I read it at work, I work in a high school library, so yeah.  

The cussing, while quite prevalent throughout the whole book, was also part of the hilariousness of the book.  It was so over the top at times, but that just made it all the more hilarious.  Have I used the word hilarious enough in this review?  Walker wasn't much of a cusser, and so several times he would almost say shit, but he'd stop himself, and change it to poo, so it was like he said sh..poo.  And Callie called him on it every time, asking him if he said shampoo.  She got a kick out of it, and so did I as I read it.  

And I have to pull out the one thing that was so funny, although I'm sure is probably considered kind of offensive, but it is funny because it's true, because I've actually seen something exactly like it at a Chinese restaurant.  On the menu, for drinks, it said:   "Classic Cock, Cock Zero, Diet Cock, Cherry Cock."  I've seen that before.  And it makes me laugh like a middle schooler every single time!

If you aren't offended by a lot of swear words, or sexy scenes, or hilarious naked embarrassing scenes, then this is the next book you need to read.  You can get the e-book on Amazon for only $2.99 HERE.  If I could order the paperback through the Barnes and Noble store where I work, I would own a physical copy of the book.  Instead I will just stick with my Kindle copy, which as I went back to try to find some of the exact things I wanted to talk about, I found myself re-reading so many parts that I loved. 


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Promo Post and Giveaway: Falling for the Girl Next Door by Tera Lynn Childs

Book info:
Title: Falling for the Girl Next Door  

Author: Tera Lynn Childs  
Series:  Creative Hearts #5; Sloane and Tru #2
Published by: Entangled Teen  
Release Day: November 14, 2016  
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Sloane Whitaker never expected to like living in Texas, but after a few months in the Lone Star State, she has to admit she likes the food, the school, and the boy next door. What she doesn’t like is the fact that half her family is still back in New York. Convincing her dad to relocate to Texas requires making their upcoming visit as perfect as possible. The perfect dinner, the perfect daughter…with the perfect boyfriend. But when her not-so-perfect boyfriend Tru Dorsey is suddenly not-so-available, Sloane has to find another dad-impressing guy to show off at dinner. Tru himself suggests enlisting the help of a fake boyfriend, but the reality of another guy with Sloane on his arm might be more than Tru can manage. Add in a mysterious blackmailer and a divided family, and Sloane and Tru’s relationship might not be able to handle the heat.  

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a bad boy next door, the good girl who snags his heart, and one epically disastrous ruse-gone-wrong. Join the fun at your own risk.  

Barnes and Noble:
Entangled Publishing:


About the Author:  
Tera Lynn Childs is the RITA-award-winning young adult author of the mythology-based Oh. My. Gods. series, the Forgive My Fins mermaid romance series, the kick-butt monster-hunting Sweet Venom trilogy, and the Darkly Fae series. She also writes the City Chicks sweet chick lit romance series and is co-writing the Hero Agenda series with Tracy Deebs. Tera lives nowhere in particular and spends her time writing wherever she can find a comfy chair and a steady stream of caffeinated beverages. 


Read below for an excerpt from the book:
By lunchtime, the morning clouds had cleared, and the bright blue of a clear sky and soft winter sunlight practically begged Tru to film something.
     He pulled his smartphone out of his pocket and opened the camera app. If he had his choice of gear, this wasn’t even in the top ten. He had three quality cameras at home and there were at least a dozen in the Cinematography classroom in Building F. Hell, he even had a decent handheld in his backpack.
     But what the smartphone gave up in quality, it more than made up for in portability and the ability to take candid footage.     
      Sloane didn’t even notice when he started filming.
     Her friend Jenna glanced at the camera and then back down at her carefully arranged lunch.
     Tru loved capturing these secret moments. Not just with Sloane, although he probably loved those the most, but in everyday life in general. Those instances that happened over and over again, most of the time without anyone taking any more notice than they do of a gentle breeze.
     To capture those moments, to document them for eternity—or at least as long as the technology would allow—made him feel like he was contributing to something greater than himself.
     Like he was turning life into art.
     And the intersection of life and art described his relationship with Sloane perfectly. She came into his life at a low point, at a moment when the prospect of spending another year in the uncertain torment of life under his father’s roof was becoming unbearable. She moved in next door and provided a light at the end of the tunnel. If he could just keep walking toward her, just keep her light in sight, then maybe—just maybe—he could make it out alive.
     He knew he was being a bit melodramatic. His life wasn’t actually on the line. The situation with his father never escalated to a dangerous level. But escape was almost always on Tru’s mind. Sometimes he felt like he might go insane under the constant scrutiny and attempted control.
     Ever since Sloane and her mom moved in next door, he’d been thinking about escape less and less.
     She gave him a reason to stay.
     A grape popped him in the forehead as Sloane finally realized he was filming her.
     “What?” he asked with a grin, shaking off his dark thoughts.
     “We talked about this,” she said. “No filming me without warning.”
     “No, you talked about it.” He kept filming. “I never agreed to anything.”
     She reached for the phone, but he pulled it out of reach, careful to keep her in the frame.
     “This is why I can’t bring you home to meet Mom,” she teased.
     He knew she meant it as a joke—he’d met her mom dozens of times. They were neighbors, after all. But there was an edge of truth beneath the sarcasm. An edge just big enough to sharpen his own humor.
      “But does it explain why I can’t bring you home to meet the ‘rents?” he tossed back.
     He regretted the words as soon as he said them. He couldn’t be prouder of Sloane or of being her boyfriend. To even suggest she wasn’t good enough for his family was ridiculous. Especially when the opposite was actually true. He wasn’t good enough for hers.
FFTGND7 (2)  

The Giveaway:
  •  Paperback copies of Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru + Falling for the Girl Next Door (Open Internationally) 


Promo Post and Author Interview: Touched by Elisa S. Amore

Book info:
TitleTouched: The Caress of Fate
Author:   Elisa S. Amore
Genre:  YA Gothic Romance

#1 Amazon Bestseller for more than six months, surpassing The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, and Divergent.

More than 10,000 downloads in the first week.

Sales topped 50,000 copies in the first month.

One of the most read books on Amazon in the last two months.

The International sensation that everyone is talking about is now available in the U.S. and we would love to have you share it with your readers.
What are you willing to sacrifice when the only person who can save you is the same one who has to kill you?

A new breed of Angels is here to usher you into their dark world in Elisa S. Amore’s breakout bestseller TOUCHED: The Caress of Fate. “As seductive as Meet Joe Black. As mysterious as City of Angels. As powerful as Twilight,” Amore has written the bestselling angel series that everyone is talking about.

“Elisa S. Amore is one of the few phenomena in Italian self-publishing.” — Vanity Fair Italy
“Girls who dream of love, a new novel just for you has come out in bookshops.” — Marie Claire Italy

When Gemma’s eyes first meet the dark, piercing gaze of Evan James, an ominous shadow creeps into her life, ultimately leading her to face her destiny. She doesn’t realize Evan is one of Death’s soldiers and that Death is summoning her.

Her time is up: Gemma must die . . . and Evan has been sent to kill her. But what if she’s the only one who can truly see him?

An ancient, deadly, inescapable race. No one can see them. They’re shadows of destiny. They’re knights of death. They’re here to claim our lives. Commanded by a mysterious congregation called the Masala, the Angels of Death ensure that each man’s destiny takes its due course on Earth. But what happens when love intervenes? Can an Angel of Death deny his own nature and challenge destiny? Can love rebel against fate?

Against every rule. Against fate itself. Against everything and everyone. A story of forbidden love and star-crossed destinies. Dark. Romantic. Dangerous.

 Author Interview:

1.  What does your writing process look like?  Do you know the whole story when you start?  Or do you just start writing and go with it (seat of the pants writing)?  If you plan it out, how do you do that?  Outline, note cards, post-it notes, etc.?

I usually know how the story starts and how it is supposed to end, but sometimes I don’t know in advance what will happen in the middle. When the idea for Touched first came into my mind, I imagined the main scenes for the whole saga, from Book 1 to Book 4. The rest of it, though, wasn’t planned in advance. Once I start writing, it’s like the characters make their own decisions and lead me to the next planned scene. When I have a new story to write, even when I’m not actually writing, I’m always thinking about the characters. They interact in my mind just as if they were real people and I take notes on their interactions, using whatever writing materials I can find first: tissues, napkins, my phone—even my hands! Whatever happens to be handy. Then, when I sit down to write later, I read through my notes and develop them into more complete scenes.

2.  How do you come up with your ideas for your stories?

Inspiration can hit me at any moment, but I usually get the best ideas while I’m in the car. The story of Evan and Gemma, for example, came into my head suddenly one day while I was driving to work. I had a sort of vision—I saw a boy with eyes of ice staring at me from the side of the road and I immediately knew he would be the protagonist of a new story. I thought, "Who was that guy? And why was he staring at me so intently? What if I were the only one who could see him? And what if he were there for me?" Next, I came up with the most important question of all, the one that gave me all the answers: "What if he were there to take me away?" It was while I was pondering that last question that the idea of the Angel of Death appeared in my mind. I immediately pulled over and started to write it down. I didn’t stop until I’d created the outline for the whole saga. During that time of my life, I waited tables at my parents’ cafeteria. That day I was definitely late for work! When I finally got home, I couldn’t wait to find out how the story would continue. I sat down and wrote for hours.

3.  How long have you been writing?

I’ve always loved stories, whether they’re on the big screen or on paper. At some point I began to be fascinated with the idea of being able to write a story myself. Writing has always played an important role in my life. I was a shy child and had difficulty socializing, so I used to create characters on paper, imagining new worlds where I could take refuge. Even at the age of ten or eleven, I wrote short stories and poems for the school newspaper. Touched is my first full-length novel, the one that made me realize how important writing was to me. When I started writing it, the characters took over and guided me towards their destiny rather than the other way around.

4.  What tips do you have for aspiring writers?

Find your style and don’t emulate others. Keep reading and writing to improve your own voice. And never, ever give up.

5. Favorites:  
Movies/TV Shows
Food/writing snack
Social Media Site

My all-time favorite writer is Shakespeare, but I also love Nicholas Sparks. My favorite genres are romance, fantasy, dystopian, and everything related. I read a lot and am a huge fan of many TV series. My all-time favorite movie is Pearl Harbor. I’ve watched it over and over. Some of my favorite series are The 100, Flash, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and many, many others. I love how the characters face new challenges every day and how they never surrender. It’s motivating for me, and each of the characters inspires me. I love Lana Del Rey as well—in fact, the protagonist of Touched always listens to her songs.

About the Author:
TOUCHED Facebook page:


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Waiting on Wednesday: Heart of the Storm (Undertow #3) by Michael Buckley

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine where we spotlight upcoming releases that we're eagerly awaiting.  I've picked the final book in a series that I've really enjoyed the first two books, Undertow and Raging Sea.  While it really reminded me of the very short-lived TV series Star-Crossed, it also was a very unique story in its own way as well.  I'm very excited to see how the author will end the story.  Here's the blurb from Goodreads:

After seven months as a captive of Minerva, the insane Alpha queen, Lyric Walker has escaped to the surface. Her only goal is to warn the world about the Great Abyss. When she finally arrives back in Coney Island, she discovers a world she never expected, one where humans and Alpha are finally working hand in hand to rebuild the country. But she soon discovers that an old enemy allied with an old friend may kill them all before the monsters get their turn.

Where will Lyric’s loyalties, and her heart, lead her? With nail-biting action and romance, Michael Buckley’s epic trilogy draws to a stunning conclusion.

Have you read any of the books in this series yet?  Did you see the show Star-Crossed?  What book or books are you eagerly awaiting this week?

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Spotlight Post and Giveaway: Cursing Fate (The Fated #2) by Brenda Drake

Book info:
Title:  Cursing Fate 
Author:  Brenda Drake  
Series Info: The Fated #2  
Genre: YA Fantasy  
Release Date: Nov. 21, 2016  

Book Description:
 There’s something strange about the Layne sisters, and Wade Diaz wants nothing to do with them. Especially the one who ripped his heart out and set it on fire before tossing it in the garbage several months ago. Iris. He can’t even think her name without unconsciously rubbing the spot in his chest where she left a gaping hole. But now her sisters are claiming some evil spirit is after his soul, and Iris is the only one who can save him. Well, at least his heart would stop hurting, right? Didn’t sound so bad. Iris Layne has always been the sweet sister. She’s kind to everyone, including her best friend Wade… Until she makes a horrible mistake and breaks his heart. All she wants is to go back to before ‘the dumping’. Of course, Wade would rather see her in hell first. But then Iris touches her sister’s tarot cards and unleashes an evil curse intent on playing a deadly game where no one Iris loves is safe, especially Wade. How do you convince someone they need your help when you’re the one who hurt them most?

Entangled Publishing: 
Barnes and Noble:

About the Author:
Brenda Drake grew up the youngest of three children, an Air Force brat, and the continual new kid at school. Her fondest memories growing up is of her eccentric, Irish grandmother’s animated tales, which gave her a strong love for storytelling. So it was only fitting that she would choose to write stories with a bend toward the fantastical. When she’s not writing or hanging out with her family, she haunts libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops, or reads someplace quiet and not at all exotic (much to her disappointment).
Author Website:  
Author Twitter:  
Author Facebook:  
Author Instagram:  
Author Goodreads:    

The Giveaway:
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card + a Cursing Fate Prize Pack (US) (International winners will only receive the $25 Amazon Gift Card.) (INT)  

     When he steered the motorcycle into the parking lot of the marina, Violet, Dena, and Carys waited by Dena’s Ford Focus. He parked and waited for Iris to get off before unsaddling the bike.
     She removed her helmet. “I thought we were going to be alone.”
     “It’s a special day.” He opened the seat and put his and her helmets inside.
     “Special? How?”
      “You’ll see,” he said, crossing the parking lot to the others.
     After saying their hellos, the group trekked over the docks until the second-to-last row where Wade’s boat was kept in a slip. After they were all on the boat with life jackets secured, Wade motioned for Dena to untie it from the dock while he turned on the motor. The others found seats around the deck. “So we’re actually taking it out?” Iris said, standing beside Wade in the cockpit.
     “Yep.” He steered it through the marina to the open ocean, only having to avoid a few boats on his way. The harbor was nearly empty, with it being a workday.
     Iris adjusted her feet to stay balanced with the rocking of the boat. “This will take longer than two hours.”
      “We’re just going to head out a little ways for the big reveal,” he said.
     “Is the reveal that the boat won’t sink?” Iris laughed.
     He flashed a smile at her. “Funny.”
     The farther the sailboat moved away from the marina, the more excited Wade got. He couldn’t believe that the boat was almost ready. He spent so much time with Dena and Carys fixing it up. This first run was for Iris. For the big reveal.
     When he’d picked a perfect spot, he turned off the motor and looked over at her. “Want to take the helm?”
      Wade and Dena rushed around hoisting the main sail. Next, they raised the jib. Carys and Violet clapped and whistled. Wade glanced back to see Iris’s reaction. She squeezed the wheel tight, her hair whipping around her head as she looked up, her mouth wide. On the main sail was a dragon Iris had painted for him. The maker had copied the image and transferred it to the sail.
     “What do you think?” Wade yelled over the wind.
      Iris held her hair away from her face. Her expression excited Wade. “I love it!” she shouted over the crashing of the waves.
     The wind was perfect—not too weak and not too strong— and the boat went out for a bit before Wade brought it back to shore. After the sails were lowered and secured, he turned on the motor and maneuvered it to its place in the marina.
     Dena and Wade went about tying the boat to the dock. Wade snuck glimpses of Iris as she took off her life jacket.
     You’re only torturing yourself, Diaz. He shook his head and finished off the knot he was tying.
     A rope hit him in the face.
      “Pay attention,” Dena said, towing the rope back to her.
      “I was,” Wade said, grabbing the other end. Dena shot him a knowing smile. “Not the kind of attention I meant.”  

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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Royally Wed (Ladies-in-Waiting #2) by Pamela DuMond

Book Info:
Title:  Royally Wed
Author:  Pamela DuMond
Series:  Ladies-in-Waiting #2
Publication date: October 13th 2016
Genres: Comedy, New Adult, Romance
Ring the wedding bells, pour the champagne, and get thee to the cathedral for Royally Wed, the LOL sequel to Part-time Princess (Ladies-in-Waiting, #1)!
Lucy Trabbicio, former cocktail waitress and down-to-earth American commoner, is about to marry the man of her dreams, Prince Nicholas of Fredonia in the posh royal wedding of the year.
But something goes very wrong on the way to the altar. Now it’s up to Lucy, her party-hard, take-no-prisoners Ladies-in-Waiting, and Nick’s opinionated Royal Nana to solve the debacle, and get her back into sexy Prince Nick’s arms in time to be Royally Wed, as well as royally bed.
A modern day, sexy tale with romance, twists and turns, laughter, and a whole lot of hanky-panky!
“Hang on.” Cheryl slipped a silver flask from the bustle of her bridesmaid dress. “This is cause for celebration. We don’t get to cheer on one of our own all that often. We’re always stuck buying fancy presents for the girls getting married who we don’t care that much about because we know they don’t care that much about us, either.”
“Here, here!” Joan said as Cheryl took a shot from the flask.
“And then,” Cheryl said and wiped her mouth on her sleeve, “those bitches complain behind our backs, but we always find out about it through the royal grapevine, that we should have bought them a pricier item on their registry. So here’s to our Lucy, who we care about, who would never say bitchy things behind our backs.”
“I’ll say them straight to your face.”
“That’s one of the reasons I like you. Here’s to Lucy’s wedding day.” She slugged back a shot and handed it to Joan. “May it be everything you ever dreamed and more.”
“Cheers!” Joan knocked back a shot and handed it to Alida.
“Salute!” She took a sip, grimaced, and passed it to Mr. Philips who took a quick sip.
“Nicely done, ladies. Prince Harry’s Private Reserve?”
Cheryl nodded. “I don’t skimp for weddings.”
“You don’t skimp for anything.” Esmeralda took the flask from Philips and downed a shot, then dabbed a little behind her ears and on her cleavage. “One of the reasons I like you.”
“You’re wasting good liquor,” Mr. Philips said.
“I prefer to think it’s an investment. The scent of Prince Harry’s Private Reserve is practically an aphrodisiac for any titled man at a wedding reception,” she said and passed the flask to me. “I’m tragically single, you know.”
“Not so tragic,” Cheryl said. “You told me you never wanted to get married.”
Esmeralda put her finger to her lips. “Shh!”
“No thanks on the shot.” I shook my head. “The Champagne finally wore off. I’m only getting married—for real—once. I’m not walking down the aisle tipsy, let alone with scotch on my breath.”
“But you have to,” Cheryl said. “It’s tradition.”
“Not where I’m from.” I grabbed a bottle of Fredonia Mineral Water, raised it high in the air, and toasted my Ladies-in-Waiting and the boys. “Cheers!” I took a healthy slug.
“Dios mio!” Alida exclaimed.
“Merde!” Joan said.
“Crap!” Esmeralda leapt toward me and knocked the bottle out of my hands. It flew across the room, splattered Mr. Philips tuxedo trousers and landed open-mouthed on his shoe as it poured out.
He stared down at it and sighed.
“Why’d you do that?” I asked.
Alida crossed herself. “Don’t you know, Lucy?”
Cheryl’s face turned ashen. “It’s terrible luck to toast with water.”
“That’s just an old wives tale,” I said and waved my hand at them. “Go forth and march down that aisle now because I am finally getting married. My worries are over. Does anyone have any chocolate? I’m a little lightheaded. Probably my low blood sugar. I’m good. I’m ready. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?”

Author Bio:
Pam pitched Erin Brockovich's story to 'Hollywood'. ERIN BROCKOVICH the movie earned 4 Academy Award nominations, and Erin became a household name for environmental activism.
Pam writes Romance, YA, Mysteries, and even Self-Help. All her stories have humor and heart.
She's addicted to TV shows -- The Voice, The Blacklist, and GOT. She likes dogs and cats equally, prefers her coffee strong, her cabernet hearty, her chocolate dark, and her foods non-GMO. She lives for a good giggle in Venice, California with her fur-babies.
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Review - Four Real: Menage and More by Alyssa Turner

Book info:
TitleFour Real
Author:  Alyssa Turner
Genre:  Erotic Romance (Menage MFMM)
Published:  December 5th, 2016
Source:  E-galley from author in exchange for honest review
My rating:  4 stars

I have to first say thanks to the author who got in touch with me on Facebook and asked if I'd like to try her book.  I've read some short stories before of menage type of experiences, but not really any that were relationship stories.  The way this one was told, it really worked!  I totally believed the connection between the four characters.  

The female main character is Tricia.  And a lot of the book is from her viewpoint, although we do get some from one of the other main characters, Michael Hill, although he goes by Hill.  One night many years ago, when Tricia's mother ended up in the hospital, she had something happen between her and Hill, and their other two best friends, Pete and Marty.  Tricia left town, feeling unsure how to deal with what happened between the four of them.  Part of the problem came from what she had always believed about her mother, and the reputation she'd tried to beat her whole life.  Hill had been her boyfriend in the group.  He also left town about the same time, when he became a part of a rock group that is now huge.  

When the story starts up, Tricia has come back and her other best friend, a female, asks her to sing with Hill and Marty and Pete, since they did all used to be in a band together.  The performance goes well, and while she does feel right being with them like that, she still is unsure about what happened before, and what it means.  She learns while she's home that Pete and Marty are getting married.  All three of the guys though, want to talk to her, and get their friendship back to the way it used to be.

But Hill has another thing he needs from Tricia, even though really he just wants her back in his life.  He has an issue with his record company and them owning his songs.  Only "his" songs, aren't really his.  They actually are ones that Tricia wrote, and he needs to let her know before they start playing on the radio with other singers.  Then she needs to decide how to deal with his company.  

The event that they are all needing to talk about is that they had a foursome that night.  All of the guys took turns with Tricia, worshiping her and making her feel good.  And they all love her, and even though Marty and Pete are getting married, they've always loved Tricia in a romantic and sexual way.  And while they've tried threesomes with other women, it's never been the same, they've always imagined it was Tricia they were with.  Hill was the one who won her heart as a boyfriend, but he knows that Marty and Pete love her as well.  And that she loves all of them.  In the end, they will try it again, when Tricia decides that maybe it was okay for them, and maybe it will be okay.  

But even that makes her wonder again.  Is she really okay with it?  She does love them all.  But it is right to Hill to make him share her?  And does she feel okay with being shared?

I really liked the way it all worked out, as I said at the beginning.  The relationship between all of them was really unique, but it worked.  In a way, there were parts that reminded me of a group of guys I was friends with in college.  I could totally get behind three hot guys all wanting to take care of me.  I'm even okay probably with two of them being in love with each other.  My only issue, the one thing that took it down to 4 stars instead of 5 has to do with my own personal preferences.  What Tricia had given in to do with the guys at the end, is not something I have any desire to do, and I feel like maybe I didn't need the relationship to go there.  But it wasn't bad, just not my taste.  If you are okay with pushing the boundaries of these kinds of relationships, whether just in a fictional story, or maybe something you could see yourself as a part of, or have been a part of, this is the book for you.  I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.