Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday - Empire of Night (Age of Legends #2) by Kelley Armstrong

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine where we spotlight upcoming releases that we're eagerly awaiting.   My choice this week is a sequel to a book that I read earlier this year about the same time I got to meet the author, Sea of Shadows.  Here's the blurb from

Sisters Moria and Ashyn are the Keeper and Seeker of Edgewood. Or at least, they were.

Their village is gone. Their friends have betrayed them. And now, the emperor has sent them on a mission to rescue the children of Edgewood—accompanied by Prince Tyrus and a small band of imperial warriors. But the journey proves more perilous than they could have imagined. With treachery and unrest mounting in the empire, Moria and Ashyn will have to draw on all their influence and power to overcome deadly enemies—not all of them human—and even avert an all-out war.

I'm very eager to see what has happened now that they've arrived to get the help of Prince Tyrus.  Of course it doesn't come out till next April, so I'll be waiting a while.  What about you?  What book are you eagerly awaiting this week?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review: Asunder (Newsoul #2) by Jodi Meadows

FINALLY!!!  I feel like it took forever to get through this book.  And not because it was hard to read, but because I just never seemed to have time to read.  I remember that I really enjoyed the first book, Incarnate, but once again, it just seemed to take me forever to get around to reading it.  And just like with the first one, what a beautiful cover, and again, there are some hints on the cover about bits and pieces of the story.  Now it did take me a bit to get back into it, being as it had been over 2 years since I'd read the first one as an e-galley.  And of course, since it is a second book, my synopsis will include some spoilery things.

The end of the first story we had left off after a major tragedy, Menehem had caused a problem that made many of the people lose their chance to be reincarnated by allowing Newsouls, like Ana, to have the chance to be born.  Ana is still fighting the prejudice of those who think she is an abomination and who hate for whoever's place she took.  Ana is still with Sam, although he is still taking it really slow.  While he is 5000 years old from all the reincarnating, she is only the exact number of years she actually is, 18.  So everyone tells them it is wrong for them to do anything.  So all they do is kiss.  But she is really enjoying the music that she makes with Sam.  We also begin the story with Sam and Ana taking a trip out to Menehem's lab, to try to figure out what he had been doing.  They haven't told anyone that is what they are doing.  People already don't trust her, and knowing that she has his journals will only make her look as if she knew what he was doing all along.  They meet another old soul, Cris, who was the creator of the blue roses around where Ana grew up.  It seems that Cris may have been another person who was once in a relationship with Sam in a past life or two.  The more Ana finds out though, the more she realizes that what Janus has in store for even the old souls isn't going to be so great, and it definitely isn't good for the Newsouls.  And as two babies are born as Newsouls, the townspeople of Heart grow restless and begin causing trouble.  Destroying all of Sam's instruments that he'd spent thousands of years worth of lifetimes on.  They blow up the houses of those pregnant, to try to prevent any more Newsouls from being born.  And they push Ana, along with some other friends into the temple, and take the key so that they will be stuck in there. 

Ana must try to convince the townspeople that what is happening is bad, she must try to fight the fact that Janus has made certain memories fade so much quicker, the memories that keep them in the dark about what is really going on.  And we find out Sam, and all of them, may not be as innocent in all of Janus's plans as they would seem to be.

By the end I was back into the whole story, and now eager to read on and see what will happen next.  I won this book in some contest a while back.  But it was before I started doing Stacking the Shelves on a regular basis, as well as I now put little post it notes in the books I win, so that I remember who to thank.  A great 2nd book, now I must get ahold of the 3rd and finish it all up. Since I don't own the first one, because I read it as an e-galley, I will be donating my copy of this 2nd book to the high school library where I work.  We have the first one that I ordered last year, and this way I won't have to spend library money on the 2nd one, just will probably go back and order the 3rd one.

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 authors I've only read one book from and need to read more!

Top Ten Tuesday is sponsored by The Broke and The Bookish.  

The ten authors that I can't believe I've only read 1 book by are:
  1. Andrew Smith - I just learned about this author with all the fuss being made over Grasshopper Jungle this year.  Now I must read all his books!  And get them for my school library.
  2. Jennifer L. Armentrout - I got a copy of her book, Don't Look Back, as part of a box of ARCs from Disney last spring, and while it wasn't the main reason I wanted the set, it turned out to be one of my favorites!  I'd been told I needed to read her books, and I'd seen them all over the blogosphere.  Now I know.
  3. Jennifer Brown - She lives in the same town where my dad lives, right next to the city that I live in.  I read Hate List for an award nominee for the Missouri Association of School Librarians.  I have at least one other of her book sitting at home waiting to be read.  I don't know why I haven't picked it up yet.
  4. Laini Taylor - I got a copy of Daughter of Smoke and Bone the first time I attended BEA in 2012.  But it took me a bit to read it, again, crazy me.  Then I loved it!  I got to meet her when she came to my hometown a year ago I think, and so I have the 2nd book in the series, but I have yet to read it!  It is on my Sequel Challenge TBR list though.
  5. Kiersten White - Another book that was a state library nominee was Paranormalcy, and so I read it to keep up with the students.  Enjoyed it quite a bit.  Now just need to read on!
  6. Sophie Jordan - I'm kind of ashamed to admit that Uninvited is the first book of hers that I ever read.  I met her in 2013 at the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City, my hometown.  I was very excited to meet her, just from knowing her name from all the books at the bookstore where I work part time.  Now that I've read one, I'm eager to read on!
  7. Patricia McCormick - Now I've only read one book by this author, Purple Heart, again for the award list, and while it wasn't my favorite book, I do want to read others she has that sound really good.  
  8. Joe Hill - Yes, he is Stephen King's son, which is why I picked up his book, Heart Shaped Box.  I really enjoyed it, gave it a 5 star rating on Goodreads, but I read it the year before I started this blog, so no review to share.  Even though he and I had a bit of a political argument/discussion on Twitter a couple years ago, I still want to read more of his books.
  9. Alex Flinn - I'm also embarrassed to admit that I assumed this author was a man because of her first name.  *hangs head in shame*  But I read one of her books, Cloaked, again as an award nominee, and liked it.  I also saw the movie for her book Beastly, and thought it was interesting enough I might read more.
  10. Jennifer Donnelly - I got a copy of her book Revolution for free from the bookstore where I work because she was coming to do a signing.  I didn't get to see her unfortunately, but I loved the book.  I had really hoped to get a copy of Deep Blue at BEA this summer, but I wasn't able to sadly.
Of course there are many others I noticed as I looked through my Goodreads "Read" shelf, but these would be my top 10.  Have you read these authors books, do you agree that I should continue?  What authors do you need to read more of their books?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Post #13 and Stacking the Shelves September 14th, 2014 and #TackleTBR Read-A-Thon Update

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted  @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news ~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. See rules here: Sunday Post Meme.  I have several things coming up this week, so decided to do this plus Stacking the Shelves today, as well as including an update for my Tackle My TBR Read-a-thon that I'm participating in.

Last week on the blog:
 Only 2 reviews this week, not great.  And I've really only got 1 book that has been on my TBR pile and it is the book I'm currently reading.  But I have completed one for my September is for Sequels Challenge.

This week on the blog:

I really must get going on my TBR pile.  I have many sequels that will fit both challenges.  I will have to take a break this week maybe from the e-galleys and get more TBR pile books done.  So that is my goal for this week.  I also have an e-book I need to get read before my stop on the Debut Authors tour next week.  Also, I won free passes to an early showing of The Maze Runner movie this Tuesday night, and so I'll probably talk about that as well!

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.  It is a way for us to share the new books we have collected.  Lots to share this week!  So let's get started!

E-galley from Edelweiss:

This one doesn't have a cover photo yet, but it sounded really good.  It is Scripted by Maya Rock.  I did get denied an e-galley on Netgalley I believe, but I have since emailed the publisher and it seems like it might be possible they will give me a second chance.  I don't like how Netgalley won't let you change things.  Because I'm not a teacher anymore, I'm a school librarian, and I wish I could put that as my first qualification.

Free Nook books:

Okay, the first one is so not something I really read that much, but the synopsis sounded kind of fun, and it was free.  The second one I've seen around the blogosphere, again, free, so got it.  The last one I'd had marked on my Goodreads TBR for awhile, so I snatched it when I saw it free.


You might remember me mentioning that I had to take the Praxis test for my library job last week.  Well, it was on a computer, and so I was able to get my results as soon as I was finished, and I passed!  My co-librarian surprised me with this as a gift on Friday.  She chose it because I'd talked about going to visit my sister in NYC and seeing Central Park.  It is a beautiful coffee table book with a lot of the history of Central Park.  I've of course paged through it, but will have to do more in depth reading eventually.

Stripped covers from bookstore:


I explained about the strip covers in last week's Stacking the Shelves, but it was neat to get these two.  I just need the one in between them I think.


As I mentioned earlier, I just finished Unravel Me so now I am so ready to read the final book!  Another perk at the bookstore where I work is being able to check out hardcover books from the store.  And that is what I did with this one.


The first is the sequel to a book by a friend of mine, Arianna's Honor.  I had to get a copy from her now that it has been published, and now that I had the money.  Can't wait to read on and see what happens next.  I'm also very excited that I've been getting to hang out with her a lot lately, and she's agreed to kind of be my writing partner during NaNoWriMo this year.  We had breakfast together this morning and did some brainstorming and suggestions for each other's ideas for November.  The 2nd book is one that I need to read for the Debut Author post next week, and it should be my only non-challenge book this coming week.

Okay, like I said, it's been a big week for new books, but not necessarily great for my challenges.  Hoping to get further this week on those! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review H2O by Virginia Bergin

I have to first say thanks to Sourcebooks Fire for allowing me to read an e-galley of this. I even was approved on both Netgalley and Edelweiss.  I guess I didn't realize that I'd asked at both sites, but I did.  And I'm glad I did, because I really enjoyed it.

The main character, our narrator, is Ruby.  I guess you could call Ruby one of the "popular" kids.  And Ruby is at a party, kissing her crush, Caspar, in a hot tub.  They're at her friend Zak's house, kind of a farmhouse out in the country, in England. Zak's parents are pretty cool, kind of hippies, as they've left the kids out there for their party, allowed them to have alcohol, and then don't bug them about it.  But on this night, while Ruby is in the hot tub in her underwear kissing Caspar, Zak's parents come running out and usher them all inside, no time to grab their belongings out of the barn or get dressed.  There's a rainstorm coming.  But it's in England, so big whoop, right?  Well it turns out that one of Zak's father's friends has given him a heads up about this rain.  You see, a long time ago, when Ruby was a very young girl, there was a giant asteroid heading towards Earth.  The scientists were able to completely destroy it before it hit the Earth.  But because Ruby and her friends don't really remember that, it's never been that big of a deal to them.  Until this night.  When it turns out that inside that asteroid, there had been a type of bacteria that was able to live in extreme conditions, like the ones that live at the bottom of the ocean near thermal vents.  So it survived in space, and it survived in the dust and rocks that did come through the Earth's atmosphere, and now it was in the rain that was coming. 

Everyone is kind of thinking the parents are being a little overprotective with making them all stay inside.  Even with the stuff that is getting broadcast on the radio.  So Caspar sneaks outside to grab his ipod and cell phone when no one but Ruby is looking.  But when he comes in, he doesn't seem to be feeling well.  He starts coughing, and soon is scratching his skin and bleeding.  Zak's dad says it isn't safe to leave, even though Zak's mom says they have to get Caspar to the hospital for help.  Everyone else is having tea and coffee to try to sober up from all the alcohol they've had.  Zak's mom wraps Caspar up to try not to touch him, and runs him to the car.  Ruby runs out with them to go to the hospital she thinks.  But Caspar dies on the way, and it seems that now Zak's mom might be sick from having touched him.  So she drops Ruby off at her own house, and she runs up, but under an umbrella to stay out of the rain.  But when Ruby gets to the front door, her stepdad Simon won't let her in at first.  He knows what is going on, and is trying to protect himself, as well as Ruby's mother and baby brother. Eventually he lets her in, but sticks her in the den, locks her in.  The rain keeps coming, and a neighbor even comes and knocks on the door asking for help, but Simon refuses to let her in, again to keep his family safe.  Ruby's mom throws some pain reliever stuff out the window to the neighbor.  Which may in itself be a fatal mistake.  When Ruby wakes up in the morning, the whole world will have changed.  She will have to survive with her family, and maybe eventually on her own when she tries to go find her read dad in London.  And more is learned as she tries to live without water, Simon is smart enough to know that the tap water is going to be contaminated, and that probably saves their lives.  But besides the water with the killer bacteria, there will also be people that are dangerous out there.

This was a very good story, told from the beginning of the "apocalypse" or "plague," whatever you want to call this.  Ruby's narration is a fun one, definitely like I would think a teen would talk/write.  I love that the science in this is mostly realistic. Although I really doubt that something that affected humans the way this does, wouldn't also affect the animals around as well.  But that's just my thought.  I really was kept involved in the story the whole way through.  It was hard to put it down because it was so minute by minute, and I didn't know exactly what would happen.  Would they get to where the army was and everything would be okay?  Or would it be like the camps I'd read about in other apocalyptic books like Ashfall by Mike Mullin?  I had to know how it would end.  And I'm not sure how I feel about the ending though.  I almost want more, but I can see why it ended that way.  So a good, edge of your seat read, for anyone who enjoys apocalyptic YA novels.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Friday 56 #11

I am so close to being done, well, over 100 pages that is, with my latest book, but not quite ready to review.  So, once again this week I'm going to participate in Friday 56, sponsored by Freda's Voice.  Here are the rules:


*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
 *Find any sentence, (or few, just don't spoil it) that grabs you.
*Post it.
*Add your (url) post below in Linky. Add the post url, not your blog url. It's that simple.

So here is mine for the week:

"The house was so quiet I didn't expect anyone to be there.  Simon was at the table.  Except for the stove and the table, ever surface in that kitchen - and some of the floor - was covered with some kind of container, all of them filled with water.  That was weird, but I didn't want to go there.  I saw; I did not want to discuss."

That doesn't quite tell what the story is actually about, but it definitely is a good quote to go with the title of the book.  


Thursday, September 11, 2014

#TackleTBR Read-a-thon Update for Thursday, September 11th

I haven't been doing so well with this so far.  You can go see my goals on my original post HERE.  But since I don't have a review to do today, I thought I'd go ahead and do a quick update.

So far:

Today I'm reading H2O by Virginia Bergin.  Which is not on my TBR "pile" but is an e-galley that I need to read before it expires, and because I asked for it, so I need to read them, so I guess they kind of fit the TBR theme.
I doubt I'll finish it today, but probably by tomorrow in order to do a review.
So far the only book I've finished during this read-a-thon was Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi.  And while it wasn't actually "my" book, I checked it out from the library, it fits this as it is one I was meaning to get read.  And it fits my September is for Sequels Challenge.  (Which you can still enter if you want to participate by clicking on the link in the last sentence.)

How are you doing on your read-a-thons or challenges this week?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday - Unleashed (Uninvited #2) by Sophie Jordan

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine where we spotlight upcoming releases that we're eagerly awaiting.   My choice this week is a sequel to a book that I really enjoyed, Uninvited, by Sophie Jordan.  Here's the blurb from

What if the worst thing you ever did was unforgivable?

Davy’s world fell apart after she tested positive for Homicidal Tendency Syndrome. She was expelled from her school, dumped by her boyfriend, abandoned by friends, and shipped off to a camp that turns HTS carriers into soldiers. Davy may have escaped, but the damage has already been done. The unthinkable has happened. Now, even worse than having everyone else see her as a monster is the knowledge that they may have been right about her all along. Because Davy has killed.

On the run from government agents, Davy is rescued by Caden, the charismatic leader of an underground group of rebels. Despite Caden’s assurances that the Resistance is made up of carriers like her, Davy isn’t sure she can trust them. Then again, she doesn’t even know if she can trust herself . . . or her growing feelings for Caden. But if she doesn’t belong with Caden and his followers, is there anywhere she can call home?

I really just loved the idea of this series, and the book totally lived up to what I was hoping for. Can't wait to read on in the story.  It's out in February, hoping for another e-galley to read it early like I did the first one. 

So what book are you eagerly awaiting this week?