Thursday, April 24, 2014

A to Z April - U: UFOs

Okay, maybe I'm stretching again for a topic today.  But I do enjoy a good book about UFOs or alien abduction type stories.  So, once again I will share 5 of my favorite of this type of book.


Now this is a very recent YA book, in fact I don't think it is actually published till next Tuesday.  And one thing I really liked about it is that up to the very end, you don't even know for sure if it is aliens, or what.  Now I have to wait for a sequel to see if I get any more clues!  Such a great read!


Dean Koontz is one of my  most favorite authors ever!  I think I'd want to meet him even more than I'd want to meet Stephen King, if just because I can tell how much he loves dogs, like I do.  And this book is one of my favorite of all of his books.  In fact talking about it right now makes me want to read it again!  Wonder if I can fit it into my book reading schedule in the near future!


This is the first book in a series that I really enjoyed, up until one of them that came out a year or two ago.  I've kind of lost steam with the series I guess.  But the first 3 or 4 in the series were really good!


Now this is one that I haven't actually read yet, but I hear AWESOME things about!  The main reason I haven't read this yet, is that it is one of the books I was supposed to have received in a YA Book Exchange awhile back that never arrived.  With all the news stories about postal workers sticking mail in their attic, or throwing it when they deliver, I'm beginning to wonder if that is what happened to the two books I was supposed to receive that never made it to my house.  But anyway, I'll have to give in and read it this summer I think.


This is a newer teen title as well.  It came out last year, and I did enjoy it, so thought I'd share it as well.

Do you like UFO/alien stories?  Do you like to read nonfiction books about it? 

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