Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A to Z April - T: Time Travel

Although time travel is not in itself a genre, it is a type of story that I really seem to enjoy.  I've always kind of sided with the theory that you have to be careful because any little thing you change in the past will completely change the future.  But one of the books I'm going to share today doesn't happen like that.  Which was really the only problem with it that I had, because I really liked the book.


This is a pretty new teen time travel story.  I really enjoyed it!


This is a trilogy that just finished up last winter.  I really liked it as well.  Loved the characters in it, although the time travel again wasn't really what I was used to according to my theory.


Of course, one of the classics, that is kind of where I get the theory that I agree with from.


Now this classic story also has the theory that if you go back and change something, you do change what happens.  But it has the added depressing bit that no matter what you change, if it was meant to be, it will be.


This is an older YA time travel series that I found when I first started teaching I believe, early 2000's probably.  But I enjoyed it, so recommend it.

Do you like time travel stories?  If so, where do you fall on the different theories?  Do you think anything will change things to be totally different?  Or do you think if it's destined to happen, it will happen?

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