Thursday, April 17, 2014

A to Z April - O: Old Books

My post for today isn't necessarily about an actual book that itself is really old, but about classics.  I sometimes feel that I didn't really read that many classics when I was in high school compared to what I hear about on tv shows with high school students, or read about in books.  But who knows.  Several years back I decided to rectify this situation by setting a goal to read 1 classic every 10 or 15 books.  I did pretty well, at least until I got to one that I just could not get through.  It was one that had little side notes in the margin to help understand it, and it was just too boring, and not at all what I'd thought it would be, and that book was Dante's Inferno.  Now if this is one of your favorites, I'm sorry, it just wasn't for me.  And these days, many more books are becoming classics that at one time probably weren't considered to be.  Below I will share 5 classics that I've read, and can say I enjoyed somewhat.


This is one that I read in high school.  It was not too bad of a story.


I chose this edition of the book because I know we watched this movie I believe in high school.  I remember when it showed a naked butt!  High school students.  :-)


This is one I read on my own, probably in high school.  And of course it was a good one.


This is one I read as part of my goal I set to read some classics.  I really liked it, it was sad though at the end.


This is another I read on my own.  I am a big sci-fi, horror story fan, and I believe I found a copy of this either at a garage sale, or possible at the library.  But it is a favorite of mine.

While I love to read stories about Jane Austen classics, I don't enjoy reading them myself.  The wordiness of them is just too boring and sidetracks me too much as I read.  So I do enjoy the movies, but just can't bring myself to enjoy reading them.  And these of course are not the only classics I've read, just some of my favorites that I enjoyed.

Do you have a favorite classic?