Saturday, April 12, 2014

A to Z April - K: Keeping

Today will be a pretty short and simple post.  K is for Keeping, in other words, do you keep your books?  I've always been the kind that wants to keep all of my books.  My dream house would have a room that was wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookshelves.  And I don't think I'd have any problem filling them.  I already have 5 bookshelves filled, and I don't mean just a single row of books like you'd see in a bookstore or library.  Some of the shelves have two or three rows with rows on top of the rows.  Obviously I don't have enough book shelves, or maybe I should not keep so many?  I'm getting to where I realize if it's not a book I know I may want to read again for sure some day, or by an author that I collect, I may get rid of it.  Mostly through YA Book Exchange, or giveaways, or even donating it to the high school library where I work.

One day, when I get that room in order, I intend to film a tour of my bookshelves.  But, I'm not quite to that point.  In fact today I'm putting together a  new bookshelf, one that I plan to put all my autographed books on.

Another thing about keeping.  I have to organize them.  I do kind of a nonfiction section, and then a fiction section. At one point I had the teen/kids books separated out.  I decided to just put all the fiction together. Although most of my children's books are still all boxed up in my basement for now.  And my nonfiction section is grouped by type of book, biographies, science, etc.  My fiction books are pretty much alphabetical by author.  Although I do have my Buffy the Vampire Slayer series books all on one shelf together even though they are by many different authors.

That's it, that's my K post.  Do you keep your books?  If so, do you arrange them like I do, or just stack them on the shelves?

If you have time, I'd love for you to visit my J Post and help me come up with some questions for an author panel I'll be leading in May.