Saturday, April 5, 2014

A to Z April - E: E-books

For the letter E I've chosen to discuss E-books.  First of all, let me say that I will never, ever give up an actual physical book.  One that the cover is there to look at whenever I set the book down, the cover that draws your eyes in, and looks so beautiful on a bookshelf.  That being said, I do own an e-reader, a Nook HD to be specific.  As a part-time employee at Barnes and Noble, I am a pretty loyal person, and so had to support our product.  And I'm pleased with it.  No complaints for what I use it for.

I first made the jump with the original Nook when it had 3G.  It was nice because there was no charge for the 3G and you could then download a book anywhere.  After that I bumped up to the Nook Simple Touch when it went on a really great sale.  Really if figured the only thing I would ever need one for was to read.  So I didn't want to mess with any of the tablets.  Then, once again, there was an awesome deal on the Nook HD, and it was color, so I figured it would be worth the switch.  And I am pretty happy with it.  The one thing I had issues with at first was that it wasn't as easy to side-load like the Simple Touch was.  But I soon figured ways around that, apps that I could download that would send the e-galleys straight to the app on my Nook HD.
My Nook HD in its case.  You can see my puppies are my background picture!

You see, I don't buy many e-books.  Most of the time I am reading e-galleys on my Nook.  Those are like Advanced Reader Copies, (ARCs), but are digital instead.  I can get so many more advanced books that way, and while at a certain point they expire, and it's not like the physical ARC I can keep sitting on my bookshelf, I still get a lot of books to read that way.  Most of the e-books I have that are not advanced copies are either gifts, e-novellas (short stories) that cost very little or were free, or other deals that I find.  I believe there are a few I bought because I wanted to be able to have them available anywhere, like Twilight, but other than that, I haven't spent more than about $4-5 on an e-book.

So those are my thoughts on e-books.  How about you?  Do you have an e-reader?  Or are you adamantly opposed to those newfangled things?