Monday, April 7, 2014

A to Z April - F: Fantasy

For the letter F I'm going to choose a genre of fiction that is not actually one that I read a ton of.  There are some of my very favorite series that fit into it though, so it is worth mentioning.  The more I'm around authors and bloggers, I've learned that the type of fantasy I really don't get into is called "high fantasy".  Like Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings for example.  While I can enjoy a movie or tv series with it, I just have trouble actually sitting down and reading it.

1.  My all time favorite fantasy series is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe series by C.S. Lewis.  I used to read those books over and over when I was a kid.  My copies of them are dog-eared and tattered, and to me look well-loved.  The pictures below match the covers of the books that I own, and I've posted them in the story's chronological order, as opposed to order of publication.


2.  My 2nd all time favorite fantasy series is by Madeleine L'Engle, the A Wrinkle in Time series.  What is funny to me today is that I keep hearing about the "tesseract" in the Marvel Comic movies, and this book is where I first remember seeing that word.  So now whenever they mention it in those movies, the book is what I think of first.  This is another dog-eared series of books that I read over and over.  But I didn't own all of them, used to check them out from the library.



3.  My 3rd and final favorite fantasy series is a newer one.  It didn't come out till I was a grown-up.  I was teaching at my 3rd teaching job, and working part time at a B. Dalton bookstore.  I resisted at first, but when I picked up a copy of the first one at the suggestion of a fellow bookseller, I was hooked.  That series is the Harry Potter series.

So, are you a big fantasy reader?  Have you read all of these?  What are your favorite fantasy series?