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Promo Post: The Bad Boy's Girl by Blair Holden

Book info:
Title:  The Bad Boy's Girl
Blair Holden
Genre: YA Romance
Release Date: February 21st, 2017


Tessa O’Connell is a girl as ordinary as they come-or so she thinks. Her aim for senior year is to keep her head down yet somehow manage to convince her childhood love Jay Stone to love her back. What she isn’t prepared for is for Jay’s brother, Cole to return to town and change the life she’s always been seemingly content to live. Tall, gorgeous as all hell and a bad boy with ocean blue eyes and the perfect edge of adorability, he was her greatest tormentor, her number one enemy.But the guy that’s come back is like no one Tessa’s ever come across. He challenges her, he tests her limits, he forces her to bring out the girl she’s long ago buried under a veil of mediocrity and most of all he compels her to consider that perhaps the boy that infuriates her to the point of no return might just her guardian angel.

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Author Interview:
1.     What does your writing process look like?  Do you know the whole story when you start?  Or do you just start writing and go with it (seat of the pants writing)?  If you plan it out, how do you do that?  Outline, note cards, post-it notes, etc.?
When I started out writing at the age of eighteen much of what I wrote could be considered seat of the pants writing because back then writing was very much an outlet for me to get my feelings out. I wrote what I felt and other considerations came later, the entire process was very haphazard. Of course later on I realised that great stories need structure and planning and a lot of hard work so currently my writing process involves lots and lots of drafts. I still do the seat of the pants writing but anything that produces is subject to a lot of revisions and editing.
2.  How do you come up with your ideas for your stories?
A lot of my ideas come to me when Im least expecting them to. I find that when you overthink a plot or try to force yourself to write something, the work reflects it. Ideas that come when youre listening to good music or reading something that inspires you are the ones to hold on to and thats what I do. I surround myself with books that make me want to tell stories of my own and and with artists whose music helps me tell those stories and thats how I get the best ideas.
3.  How long have you been writing?
Creative writing has been one of my greatest passions since as far back as I can remember and the class definitely made school fun. But I really got into spending time constructing my stories, working on them and completing full novels when I was eighteen so its been around six years.
4.  What tips do you have for aspiring writers?
My top tip would be to always take constructive criticism and feedback when you can. Its something thats helped my immensely in my writing so even though initially it can be quite scary to let someone piece apart your work but working with that kind of input really helps make your work the best possible version of itself.
5.  Favorites:
Books/authors/genres: Ive always been a Potterhead so Harry Potter always tops any list but I love YA novels and the joy they bring readers. Ive fallen in love with the works of Rainbow Rowell, Stephanie Perkins and Meg Cabot.
Movies/TV Shows: Gilmore Girls is one of my lifes biggest passions and Jess Mariano definitely inspired some parts of Cole. Im also addicted to reruns of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill! I dont have a particular favourite film but for some reason I could watch The Parent Trap countless times.
Music: I grew up in a household that was obsessed with 90s music and thats still very much my thing. I would take some Backstreet Boys over Justin Bieber any day!
Food/Writing Snack: Chocolate, lots of chocolate especially if its KitKats or contains Nutella!
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About the Author

BLAIR HOLDEN (@jessgirl93 on Wattpad) is a twenty-three-year-old college student by day and Wattpad author by night. Her hobbies include and are limited to obsessively scouring Goodreads and reading romance novels, with a preference for all things new adult. Her own work usually contains lots of romance, humor, angst, and brooding bad-boy heroes. Caffeine and late-night Gilmore Girls marathons help her find a balance between completing her degree and writing. She writes for herself and also to make readers swoon, laugh, and occasionally cry. Her book, THE BAD BOY’S GIRL, has amassed over 170 million reads, which absolutely baffles her. Her dream is to see her readers holding a published copy of her books and remembering how far they’ve come together!

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