Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Armchair BEA 2017 Introduction Post

So!  I have not participated in this for awhile, but since I had actually really, truly planned to attend this year, at least until other trips came up (ApollyCon back in March, family trip to Orlando in July), I want to participate in this fun event.  If you're interested in joining in, you can go HERE.  There are lots of fun people to meet, as well as giveaways galore!  Here are my answers to the introduction post prompts.

I am a high school librarian in Kansas City, Kansas.  I also work part time at a Barnes and Noble bookstore, as well as blogging here at Lisa Loves Literature. 

Currently I am enjoying my first few days off from school for the summer and looking forward to a busy summer!

I love books (obviously), meeting authors, and my two dogs, mini-dachshunds named Dora and Argyle, not to mention any dachshund that I see!

My favorite author at the moment is Kylie Scott.  She is doing an awesome YA story on Wattpad right now and I cannot stand the wait in between chapters!

My least favorite thing about this past year is all the friendships and family relationships that have suffered due to silly small things.  I have so much trouble giving up on people, and so still find myself wanting to reach out to some of them to see if there is any way we can overcome whatever the problem was, even though my friends and family around me often say just to move on.

My current read is not just one, but a couple different books.  I'm usually listening to a book in my car.  Have one on my phone Kindle app, and a book that is probably for review, as well as one more that is sitting by my bed.  Let me list all of them off here:  Write Naked by Jennifer Probst, What I Lost by Alexandra Ballard, Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras, and Challenge by Amy Daws (audiobook).

My summer plans include lots of reading, catching up on blogging - specifically review books and actually getting reviews caught up on other books I've read.  I also want to actually complete one of my stories I've started over the past years during NaNoWriMo and try to publish it as an ebook on Amazon to see if anyone even wants to read it.  I'd also like to get into more freelance editing and proofreading.  My last hope is to get back to walking and get back in shape, or at least on the road!

My buddy is my writing buddy that I lost earlier this year because she didn't like the way I reviewed her book.  :-(  The sad thing is that every time I reviewed one, I shared the link directly to it, and she didn't even bother to read those reviews until someone else pointed them out. 

My blog/channel/social media include this site, as well as my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

The best ... well this is a hard one, the best what?  Um, I don't know.  I'm going to skip this one. 

Hope you decide to join in if you're not attending BEA, if you are attending, and you can grab an ARC of Maggie Stiefvater's upcoming book, please send it to me.  :-)