Monday, August 12, 2013

Unremembered by Jessica Brody

This was one of the books that I got in my Fierce Reads box.  One I was so excited to see because I'd wanted to read it.  And at some point, I will probably be doing a giveaway with the books in the box, so stay tuned!
This book begins with a plane crash, and only one person, a beautiful young girl is found alive.  The trouble is that she wasn't even listed as a passenger on the plane.  And she doesn't even have any memories of who she is, or why she might be there. At the hospital that they take her to, the doctors try to discover what might be wrong with her, as well as figure out why she can't remember anything. Nobody comes forward to claim her as their family or friend.  Except one young man who comes to the hospital and says he will take care of it all.  But some of the things he tells her she doesn't know if she should believe as they are kind of out there.  All she has left on her is a locket.  There aren't pictures in it, but it has an eternity knot symbol on the outside, and engraved on it is this:  S + Z = 1609.  The weird thing about that is the number is the year she thought it was when they asked her what year it was.  She has no idea what the letters mean.  Finally she is released to go home with a foster family. They seem really  nice, although her new foster brother doesn't seem to be a fan of her at first.  Although she does eventually win him over, or at least convince him to help her when she gets ideas of ways to maybe figure some things out.  Again the cute boy from the hospital shows up and tells her they are soulmates.  But she still isn't sure what to believe.  He also tells her that there are people after her who are dangerous.  She continues searching for clues, even learning to use the internet.  But it seems more and more strange things happen.  She starts seeing a man following her, and gets so scared that she busts out of her foster mom's car, and I do mean bust, the door flies off.  Finally she goes to meet this boy, who says his name is Zen.  He puts this little patch on her neck and then she begins remembering things.  Soon, they are caught, as she is finally remember things, and Zen is taken as she escapes.  Now she knows she must go back to save him.  But what will happen?  Will she be caught and forget everything as they continue to do whatever they were doing?  
The story is a mix of time travel, genetic engineering, and some futuristic technology as well.  It was an interesting new type of story, mostly different. Although the plane part did remind me of The Missing Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  And the loss of memory and some super-strong powers reminded me of Mila 2.0.  But this story did take the different parts and tie them all up in a different story.  One that I can't wait to see where it goes next.