Saturday, December 26, 2015

Audiobook Review: The Wicked Will Rise (Dorothy Must Die #2) by Danielle Paige

This was the next audiobook I chose to listen to.  I had owned a copy of the book, but traded it for something I couldn't wait for awhile back.  So I had to borrow the audiobook from my public library.  It was a pretty good story. The narrator did a good job with different voices and keeping it interesting. As most second books seem to be in trilogies, it was what I call a "road trip" book.  Now, my review of this will probably, no definitely have spoilers if you haven't read the first book.  So in that case, you should just stop reading now, and go read my review of the first book, Dorothy Must Die

This book picks up basically where the last one left off.  The main character, Amy Gumm, failed in her mission to kill Dorothy.  She was able to get the Tin Woodsman's heart though, which was one of the things the Wizard told her she would need to be able to actually kill Dorothy.  In the battle, she lost sight of the rest of the witches in the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked, included her friend Nox.  Probably the one thing she is glad to have done is save the Princess Ozma.  Even if she isn't much help in her dazed and confused state.  Amy and Ozma get some help getting away from their friends the wingless monkeys, who got paper wings from the Wizard just for this mission.  And they get close to the monkeys' village when they run into the Lion.  And somehow, Amy must get his courage from him, another ingredient needed to kill Dorothy. The way that she does it, well, that is a surprise!  And then they are taken into the village high up in the trees where the monkeys live now.  While there, Amy discovers a secret about Ozma, and the boy named Pete that she'd seen back at the Palace in Emerald City.  Mombi shows up beat up and exhausted.  She tells Amy that she must talk to someone named Polychrome, who lives in the land of the rainbows. 

So part of the book takes place in a land of rainbows.  It is on this journey that she will find Nox again.  And together they must try to figure out how to stop Dorothy.  Only Glinda and Dorothy will not fight fair.  And they will soon find out that there is something peculiar between Dorothy and Amy, something that makes it really hard to kill each other.  And the Wizard, we'll finally find out what he's up to.  And you'll know whether he can be trusted, or if he has a plot worse that what Dorothy has! 

Another cliffhanger of an ending, and the big battle will still be coming in the third book!

Again, such fun with all the different places being created for the story.  I kind of want to smoke a rainbow cigarette, even though I'm very anti-smoking.  :-)