Monday, August 11, 2014

Review: The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

I'm a bit ashamed to say that I got a copy of this book May of 2013 at the Romantic Times Convention, and didn't actually start reading it until after I read The Taking e-galley earlier this year.  Once I knew how much I loved her writing, I was hooked.  Since my copy of this isn't personalized, I will be donating it to the high school library where I work and probably ordering the rest in the series.
 The main character is Violet.  She has this weird sense that tells her where dead things are.  Usually she just finds animals, but one time when she was a little girl she found a dead body.  She can also sense killers by feelings that she gets from them, like a smell, or a sound.  Violet is only 16, and this year is noticing just how much her best friend Jay has grown up into a very attractive boy.  And she's not the only one who has seemed to notice.  All the others girls seem to be flirting a lot more.  But she's pretty sure that Jay still just thinks of her as a friend, and she doesn't want to ruin their life-long friendship by showing him her feelings.  While all this is happening though, girls have started disappearing.  And it seems there is now a serial killer in their town.

Because she knows she can sense these things, and Jay even kind of knows as well, she feels like she needs to help find this killer.  Only this will put her in danger, something that Jay is not happy about, and he tries to stick with her to keep an eye on her, and discourage her from doing some of the things she wants to do.  She tries going out with another boy at school when she sees Jay flirting back with some of those other girls.  But good friends do often make the best lovers, and soon they will be able to see how each other really feels.

I have to say that I loved the character Jay so much that I even dreamed about a guy that I can only say he was the way he was because I had been reading this book earlier in the evening before.  I'm excited to read on in the series as I said before, and I just hope that Jay and Violet stay together the whole way through!  Here's my picture with the author this past spring when I met her on a tour for The Taking.

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