Monday, June 15, 2015

Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate (TBR Challenge #7)

This is my first experience with this author.  I purchased the book a while back, last fall I think, when I heard that they were making a movie.  I finally picked it up a few weeks ago.  All in all, it was a good read, I just don't know that it was anything so different and original than other things.  I'm not saying that is a bad thing, I still definitely want to see the movie.  It's just not anything that wowed me.

The main character is Luce.  She just got in trouble when a boy and a cabin caught on fire and she was the only one around.  All her life she has seen shadows, and these shadows are what attacked the boy and caused the fire.  Of course Luce couldn't tell anyone that because who would believe that?  So now she's been sent to a reform boarding school called Sword and Cross.  She makes friends pretty quick, although she also finds some not so friendly people. First is a boy named Daniel.  He's very good looking, and when she first sees him at the school on her first day, he looks at her like he's happy to see her, but then his expression changes to not so friendly, and he flips her off!  But she can't seem to forget about him, to stop thinking about him.  She feels as if she knows him from somewhere, even while he continues to push her away.  Then there's the other cute guy, Cam.  Cam is sweet, and flirts with her, and really seems to like her.  She tries to go with it, thinking if Daniel isn't going to be interested in her, maybe she can be happy with Cam.  But it just isn't right for Luce.  There are times that Daniel seems to be coming around, then he backs away again.  And weird things happen.  She and her new friend Penn find a weird book in the library that seems to be about Daniel's family.  And once that happens, things seem to really start to get crazy.  There's a fire in the library, and Daniel and Cam seem to fight over Luce!

In the end Luce and Daniel are meant to be together, as the little bit at the beginning teases of a former life where they were together.  Only there seems to be something different about Luce in this life, and it may help them to be together, while it may also begin a huge war between the fallen angels, both good and evil.

A fun read, and I can't wait to see the movie!