Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: Returned (Forbidden #3) by Kimberley Griffiths Little

Book info:
Author:  Kimberley Griffiths Little
SeriesForbidden #3
Genre:  YA historical fiction
Published:  February 7th, 2017
Source:  E-book received from author for honest review
My rating:  5 stars

I have been a fan of this series since the very first book, Forbidden.  And if you haven't started this series yet, you may want to click on that title's link so as not to get any spoilers for the first or second book, Banished, which you can read that review by clicking that title. 

The time in history that this takes place during is one that I hadn't read many other stories set in, at least not YA-wise.  It was definitely a very interesting time though, and the author intertwines little details that recall things I learned in Sunday School, but never thought more about other than how they fit into those bible stories.  While this isn't a religious book in any way, it definitely has a heavy aspect of it that is related to the religions of the time.  Those included the early Jews, Egyptian gods, Ba'al, etc.  This final book in the series does such a great job at winding up the loose ends, and truly completing the story.

All of the problems that occur make perfect sense for the world that they are in. Nothing is solved as easily as you hope or as it first seems when something is won.  The author makes sure to keep the reader on their toes as it seems that for each step forward that Jayden and Kadesh may make towards a happy life together, something or someone comes along to set them two steps back, and they have to make a new plan to get to their intended destination. 

There will be deaths of favorite characters, characters that are so very integral to the story.  But there will also be victories, and the redemption of characters that may have been considered unredeemable.  The love between Jayden and Kadesh is definitely felt, and their relationship is one that brought a smile to my face.  All of the family members that are left for Jayden to bring together will get what they deserve, good or bad, in the end.  And as I mentioned before, all of the strings that I was following through the story, got tied up perfectly, even if not in a perfect little bow.

This is a series that I highly recommend to teens, as well as anyone who is a fan of YA books.  It is one I suggest to teachers that may be looking for more historical fiction from an ancient time.  You should definitely add this book, or this series to your TBR if they are not already there.

After tragedy strikes on the day they were to wed, Jayden must support Kadesh as he ascends the throne and becomes king of Sariba. But with the dark priestess Aliyah conspiring to control the crown, and the arrival of Horeb, Jayden’s former betrothed, Kadesh’s kingdom, as well as his status as king, is at stake. 

Jayden knows that the time to be merciful has come and gone, and that some enemies can only be halted by death. Now she and Kadesh must prepare to fight not only for their love, but also for their kingdom.