Thursday, April 20, 2017

Promo Post: Check Out My New Swag - USB Memory Direct

So I haven't had the chance to take any pictures of all the cool swag that I got at ApollyCon back in March. But one of my favorites was this really cool flash drive that looks like a book:

Now, what was even cooler, was that the very week I was back from ApollyCon, I got an email from Chelsea at USB Memory Direct, asking if I'd like to partner up with them to help promote their product, by using them to help promote my blog!  Of course, I had to tell her about this cool USB drive I'd just received, and of course, I was on board!

I've already put all of my own writing onto the cool book USB drive from Jennifer Probst that you see above, but I also now have one that is made to promote my blog that I am keeping pictures and files just for my blog on.  The cool thing about this company is that they have all different shapes and forms of USB drives you can choose from.  I almost went with the book myself, but decided for now that I wanted to use the cool header you see at the top of my blog, so I went with one that had more colors and flexibility.  However, I may go back and get some of the book ones later on.  Here are the pictures of the finished product of my new Lisa Loves Literature blog promo flash drives.

When they arrived I was so excited I had to immediately get them out and take some pictures!  What you see in the picture is 25 flash drives ready to share with authors, fellow bloggers, readers, etc.  I chose a smaller size as you can see, so they are not awkward to carry around with me to share at any time.

As you see in the shot above, the image on the USB drive at the bottom matches the header on my blog up at the top of the screen.

Of course I wanted people to then know how to check out my blog or get in contact with me, so on the back of the drive I put my name, my blog's email address, and my blog's website address.

If you were wondering how in the world this works with a computer, well, here you go!  There is a little part that flips open.  It may not look like the normal flash drive tip that you're used to because it's very thin so that the whole drive itself is only a little thicker than a credit card.

It fits in like this to your computer, the little golden bits you saw in the picture above match up to the parts inside your computer to connect.

Again you can see how small it is, and how it hardly takes up any room!

Like I said, they have all kinds of cool designs you can pick from, as well as a portfolio with pictures of some of the custom drives they've made in the past.

Some basic ones:

I love the bracelet idea, that's another one that I might do instead of books next time.  I really wanted to buy the USB bracelet that NaNoWriMo was selling this past November, but I did not.  Maybe I was waiting to get my own!

Some of the custom ones:

I mean how cool is that nail polish looking one?  And the Icee one that you can just see a bit of in the bottom left corner?

You can go check their product out by clicking on the logo above, or here:  Personalized Flash Drives.

And if you want to think about it for awhile, I'll be keeping a link to the page on the right side of my blog.  Just look for a picture of my flashdrive combined with their logo and feel free to click on it and go get some cool swag for your blog!  It only took about a week from the time I ordered until the time they arrived.  So it is a pretty quick turnaround.