Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Audiobook Review: Fall From India Place (On Dublin Street #4) by Samantha Young

Book info:
TitleFall From India Place  
Author:  Samantha Young
SeriesOn Dublin Street #4  
Genre:  NA Romance
Published:  June 3rd, 2014
Source:  Digital audiobook downloaded from public library

I listened to this audiobook on my drive home from Colorado back at the end of June.  It made me cry, it had sexy moments, it was all just so good!  This book has the main character of Hannah Nichols, who is sort of a little sister to Braden from On Dublin Street.  In this book we've gone forward a few years from where the last book, with my favorite book boyfriend, Nate, ended.  All the other couples are pretty much married and having kids, or already have kids.  Hannah was in high school in those books, and now she has graduated from college and is beginning her career as a teacher.  

In the other books we got to see a glimpse into the beginning of the relationship of Hannah and Marco.  We get a flashback of the night that what chance they had all kind of went to pot.  Hannah lost her virginity to him, and right after they'd finished, he'd gotten a text, and jumped up, gotten dressed and left.  She never saw or heard from him again.  Until now, 5 years later.  Hannah has pretty much resigned herself to just being happy as an aunt, not ever really planning on having a relationship or having kids.  And that last part has to do with that fateful night with Marco five years ago.  

Marco shows up, and knows that he made a mistake with Hannah, and does his best to get her back. But she fights it at first.  He hurt her really bad, not that she will tell him why exactly it hurt so bad.  But there is still something he keeps from her.  Every other weekend he has a family obligation that he doesn't really tell her much about.  Finally, she starts to feel like maybe they can move on, and then the worst happens.  A friend texts her a picture of Marco on one of these weekends.  Only he's not alone.  This brings back all the bad memories, and reminds her that he wasn't there when she needed him, and so she pushes him away.  Her family all knew about what had happened, but only Hannah's father knows it was Marco, she wouldn't throw him under the bus to anyone else. 

I'm sure you can probably guess what an every other weekend family obligation is, or maybe it's just that I had that at one point in my life, so it is familiar to me.  I won't spell it out though.  But once I kind of figured out that was the obligation, I also kind of got an idea about what had happened to Hannah besides just being deserted after her first time.  And that hit me hard.  It tied in to personal events in my own life, not quite the same, but with the similar thought for her as I had, that I will just be happy being an aunt.  

At first the excuse and way that Hannah pushes Marco away works.  But then he doesn't know the real secret from the past, and so he comes back and keeps trying.  She tells him it is only physical, and for awhile he's okay, thinking he can make her fall back in love with him and get over her issues.  But without knowing the actual issue, eventually he gives up.  But then, Hannah's best friend, and Johanna's brother from book 2, Cole Walker, figures out that Marco is the guy from Hannah's past, and he goes to let Marco have it. At that point, all secrets are out on the table, and everyone has to decide what is worth working on, and if there really is a strong enough love to overcome all the obstacles.     

Samantha Young knows how to make me cry.  She knows how to write a sex scene, and she knows how to make you fall in love with characters.  I am so in love with this series.  You all know that Nate Walker is now my number one book boyfriend of all time from the 3rd book.  And I can't wait to meet the author at NOLA Story Con in September and gush to her just how much I love her books.  If you want a good romance, with sexy scenes, but not over the top too much sex, these books are the ones to read.