Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: Sojourn by Tara Dawn

Book info:
Author:  Tara Dawn
Genre:  Erotica
Published:  June 28th, 2015
Source:  Won book from author

Overall the story was a good one, and the sex scenes were very steamy.  I will definitely try other books by this author in the future.

The main character in this is a girl named Summer.  We start out with her not feeling like the guy she is with is the one she wants to be with.  Brent doesn't think she's being fair, and doesn't want to let her give up on them, even going so far as to try to make her jealous at one point.  There was a guy in her past, Preston, that she had thought was the one, until something happened, and it was something she felt might be unforgivable.  Now that she's broken up with Brent, it seems like she starts running into Preston everywhere.  And he seems to want her back, to give their past relationship another chance.  But Summer doesn't want to.  Her best friend thinks that Summer needs to get relaxed, and finds a resort online that is one that fulfills fantasies.  Summer finally decides that it will be worth the money to try it.  One thing she has to do before she goes is fill out a questionnaire that will help the people who run the resort determine what kind of fantasies she really wants to live out.  

Finally she gets to the resort, and it turns out that from her questionnaire they've decided that she wants to be blindfolded and be submissive to someone.  So she never sees her escort, and she also gets taken in to a room where she is tied up, spanked, and experiences all kinds of things she never really knew she wanted or would like.  But when something happens that leads Summer to question what is really going on at the resort, things go a bit haywire.  She'll go back home, and have to decide who to trust, her friend who helped her "find" the resort, her ex, Preston, or does she really want what the resort suggested. 

As I mentioned at the start, the sex scenes were really steamy, although I'm not sure that I enjoyed all of it. As some of the stuff that happened is probably what the true dominant/submissive relationships include, that is what I know I am not interested in, and reading about some of it, doesn't really work for me because of that.  I would guess that people who really like that type of thing are really going to enjoy this book though!  Another issue I had was that it seemed like forever before we actually got to the resort, and I'd really thought that was going to be the main part of the book.  But, since that time was setting up the background story and all, it wasn't wasted story in the end.  I liked the way it ended, and definitely think the romance worked out in a good way.

One of the things I always mention with independently published books is the normal grammar errors and such, and this book had those as well.  Again it didn't distract from the story, but they did stand out enough to notice.