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Promo - Excerpt and Giveaway: The Fading Dusk by Melissa Giorgio

Book and Author Details:
The Fading Dusk by Melissa Giorgio
(Smoke and Mirrors, #1)
Publication date: July 19th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

In the gritty city of Dusk, seventeen-year-old Irina makes her living as the street magician Bantheir’s assistant. The job isn’t glamorous, but she loves the crowds, the shows, and most of all, the illusion of magic. But Irina’s world is shattered the night she is arrested and charged as Bantheir’s accomplice to murder—murder by magic.

Real magic, the kind that’s been forbidden since the old wars.

Irina finds the idea of flashy showman Bantheir using actual magic to kill someone laughable, but she’s the only one who sees how ridiculous the claim is. But how can she convince everyone Bantheir is innocent when they’ve already made up their minds? Desperate, Irina must decide who she can trust to help her win her freedom. Is the surly, handsome Captain Leonid telling the truth when he says he believes Irina is innocent, or is he just using her to get to Bantheir? What about Aden, the sweet soldier and longtime fan of Irina’s who claims he’s on her side?

Irina said she wanted to know the truth, but when she stumbles across a dark secret that changes everything, will she be strong enough to survive?


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 Author Bio:
Melissa Giorgio is a native New Yorker who graduated from Queens College with a degree in English. She’s always dreamed of being a writer and has been creating stories (mostly in her head) since she was a little girl. Also an avid reader, Melissa loves to devour thick YA novels. When not reading or writing, she enjoys watching animated films, listening to music by her favorite Japanese boy band, or exploring Manhattan. She is also the author of the Silver Moon Saga.

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I wanted to put my hands on his chest and give him a good shove so he’d topple over. Instead, I snarled, “I’m so sick of everyone talking badly about Bantheir! If you knew him—the real him—you’d know how impossible this is! He’s been framed! He wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone kill someone!”

Aden dropped his gaze to the floor. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset.”
“Oh, Aden.” I covered my mouth. “I shouldn’t yell at you, not when you’re the only one being nice to me.”
He gave me a small smile. “You’re allowed to be angry.” He offered his hand and I took it, stumbling once as I stood. We left the interrogation room, walking down a narrow, dark corridor.
“So much has happened, I don’t even know what to think! Between the murders and being arrested and, well, what about the men in my house?” I continued. “Doesn’t anyone else find it suspicious that they showed up the same night the couple was murdered?” I was struck with a sudden idea. “Maybe they killed those people and left evidence behind that would implicate Bantheir! Why don’t you ask them about it?” I paused, making a face. “Oh, wait, you can’t, because your dear, stupid captain killed them! If he’d been thinking, he would have apprehended the real criminals, bringing them in for questioning instead of me. How dumb can he be?”
Stumbling to a halt, Aden turned around and frantically waved his hands in front of his face.
“What?” I asked, confused.
He pointed behind me.
Slowly, I turned around to see Captain Leonid leaning against a doorway we had just passed. “Oh, don’t mind me,” he said dryly. “I’m just stupid and dumb, apparently.” He arched an eyebrow. “Next time someone’s trying to kill you, I’ll gladly let them finish the job.” He ducked back into the room, slamming the door shut behind him.
I sputtered incoherently.
“My fault,” Aden said meekly. “I should have warned you that that’s the captain’s quarters.”
We resumed walking. “What, he lives here?”
“Most of the time, yes.”
“Doesn’t he have a home to go to?” I couldn’t think of anything more depressing than living in a prison if you weren’t actually incarcerated.
“He does, but it’s complicated. He—”
“Flirting with the new prisoner already?” A soldier sitting on one of the benches stood and pounded Aden hard on the back. He had chestnut-colored hair that hung down to his chin and dark blue eyes that sparkled mischievously. Shorter than Aden, this soldier was bulky, and his uniform strained against his chest. “You don’t waste any time, do you?”
Aden winced, rubbing his back. “It’s not flirting, it’s called being nice. If I hadn’t stepped up, she’d still be gagged.”
“You should have kept the gag on,” I said. “It’s not like they listened to anything I said, anyway.”
“I heard you stood up to Raynard,” the brown-haired soldier said to me, nodding his approval. “You’re brave.”
“Not brave,” I corrected, “just really annoyed.”
He laughed at that. Holding out his hand, he said, “I’m Vernen, by the way. I’m heading out on assignment, but it was really nice to meet you before I left.” We shook hands. “I almost regret leaving. You’re definitely going to add some excitement to this place. I can tell already.”
Despite the circumstances, I found myself grinning. Vernen’s positive attitude was infectious. “Well, why should I be the only one miserable, right?”
Vernen laughed again. “Oh, I’d pay money to watch Leon try and deal with you!” With a wave, he walked away.  

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