Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cover Characteristic: Butterflies

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Now, I found a lot, again.  And so I'm going to do mine once again as a Top 10.  And I may have fudged a bit to include moths as well as butterflies.  Especially on my #1 choice!  Without further ado, here are my choices:



  I like how the series has the butterfly in the eye on the first book, and then on its own on the second book.


  Gotta love the matching covers for this series as well.

I think this might be a moth, but still.  I like the reflection bit.
 Again, probably a moth, but still a cool picture!
 Even though technically these aren't even wings, so it's not really a butterfly, it still looks like one from the first glance, so I had to include it.
And for my favorite, even though I know it's actually a moth, the book that I just love the cover probably more than just about any other cover I've ever seen:

And the runner up to my favorite is:

What do you think of my covers?  Can you think of any that I've missed? 


  1. I just knew that when you said butterflies and moths, that Incarnate would be here. The cover is gorgeous, but my brain computes it to something else and it makes my flesh crawl. I'm weird, don't mind me. LOL! I love all of these.

    1. Interesting! Since I know in the book that really it is just a mask, I almost didn't use it, but I just love that cover so much. Thanks for visiting!

  2. We do have some of the same ones! I love Absent and Incarnate.

  3. I almost missed that there was a butterfly in Perfection. Some of these have very beautiful covers.
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal - Impartial, Straightforward Fiction Book Reviews

    1. I love finding all the little butterflies that aren't necessarily obvious sometimes.

  4. Great picks! I love the butterfly in the eye on Perfection, and Flawed as well. Those are probably my faves...

    1. I love the ones that aren't necessarily as in your face.

  5. The covers of the Beautiful series books are a favorite of mine! =)

    1. I know! I love the one with the peacock feather on it too!


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