Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Six years down! Blogoversary and Giveaway!


Wow, six years of blogging.  It's been a great six years.  Some years better than others.  I feel like I learn more every year, and find new ways I want to do things, etc.  I am supposed to have a new image and button, and had hoped to have it in time to reveal today, but the person doing it got a bit behind when I asked about one more thing to do to it. Then, the person who set up my current layout, well I can't seem to get in touch with her. So I'll have to figure out how to add those images in, and maybe I will just end up doing an almost complete overhaul now, because I may have to find someone else to fix it all up for me once I'm done.  


For past blogoversaries, I've done some really big month long things, including having authors donate gifts, etc.  This year I'm doing things a little low key I guess.  Didn't have time to really try to do all that.  So, I am going to have a giveaway at the end of this post.  I've got a great number of GFC followers, but I'd really love to get some more Bloglovin and email followers, so there will be a lot of points to enter the contest if you follow one of those ways.  But first, since I have discovered how much I love gifs, you will have to scroll thorough a few fun ones that I've decided to share, because it's my blogoversary, and I'll gif if I want to!  :-)

Normally I want cake, but if this would get Jensen Ackles here to celebrate, I'd have pie.


I do enjoy playing games at parties, and while I've never been into Twister, I would for Misha! 


And my other favorite show, who doesn't want to go play in a ball pit?

However, this is how I feel about sports, so we won't be watching or playing them at any celebration I have.


If you were to call me on the phone, this would is my ringtone:

Now sometimes when I see all the really cool ARCs that some bloggers get, and I can't seem to get them, or maybe no one will trade because I don't have what they really want, then I start to feel like this.


Alright, alright, enough gifs I guess.  Thanks again for following me and being a part of my blogging experience the past 6 years.  I've got two prizes.  One for anyone, including International as long as The Book Depository will deliver to you, and one for US only.  Here's the giveaway!

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