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Blog Tour - Excerpt and Giveaway: Never Sleep by Cady Vance

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Never Sleep by Cady Vance
Publication date: March 15th 2015
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Thora Green had a life once upon a time.  But that ended the day her parents enrolled her in a sleep clinic prison. At the facility, her chronic months-long insomnia is observed by scads of doctors, but she is never actually treated for her dire disease. In a feat of desperation, Thora escapes for New York City. Buried deep in the city’s underbelly, there is rumored to be a secret haven called the Insomniac Café: a place where people like Thora can find relief.

As Thora joins forces with Aiden and Florence, two fellow insomniacs, their midnight quest will take them from the dusty bookshelves of The Strand, to the smokey underground clubs in the Lower East Side, to countless taxi and subway rides. Clues leading to their final destination are waiting for them at every turn. But so are Sleepers—a powerful core of sworn-enemies to all Insomniacs—who wish to see Thora and her friends destroyed at any cost.



Cady Vance is the author of YA and NA speculative fiction. After growing up in small-town Tennessee, she decided to embark on a grand adventure by packing up her bags and moving to NYC. Now, she studies for her PhD in the UK and dreams of seeing the universe.
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There is a knock on my door. A timid, quiet knock that becomes a rapid staccato when I don’t answer right away. I sigh and heave myself up higher on my pillows, squint at the door.
“Yes?” I call out to Nurse Lucianne, who must be back on shift by now, replacing Nurse Julia. I squint at the clock. It’s 6 A.M. The night is finally over. “What’s up, Nurse?”
A terrifying, bloodcurdling scream rips through the silence. My spine stiffens, and I blink hard at the door, fear roaring through my head like a hurricane.
Not real, not real, not real! I squeeze my eyes tight and will myself to snap out of my hallucination with all the strength of my soul.
Instead of the real world crashing down around me, my Clinic room door swings open wide. Instinctively, I scoot as far away as I can, pushing my back hard against the cold wall. Doctor Jeremy rushes into my room, his bulky frame blocking out the light of the hallway behind him. I breathe a sigh of relief. If he’s here, I must not be in the middle of a sleep terror…but then that means that scream was real.
“What’s going on?” I ask. “What was that?”
“We don’t have much time.” He quickly crosses the room in long, confident strides, and I notice his jaw is clenched even tighter than it was during our last session. With a quick glance, he takes stock of my state. “How are you feeling?”
“Um. Fine?” I blink at him, utterly confused as to what’s going on.
Another scream pierces the air. This time it feels as if it tears through my head and into my soul. My breath hitches and I open my eyes wide at the Doc, but he doesn’t seem to pay the noise much attention.
“Please tell me what’s happening,” I say, my voice almost caught in my throat.
“Don’t worry. Everything’s fine.” He holds out his large, calloused hand to me. “I need you to get out of bed as quickly as possible. We don’t have much time.”
“You said that when you first came in.” I take his hand and throw my legs over the side of the bed. “Don’t have much time for what?”
He glances quickly at the open door, then back to me. His eyes burn bright with something I’ve never seen in them before. Fire. “I’m getting you out of this place.”

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