Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A to Z April: M Review - Many Waters by Madeleine L'Engle/Meg by Steve Alten

Today I have another kind of religious book to share, although it also has a science fiction edge and is part of a YA series. The other book is a science fiction series I love, and an author that I devour all of his books!

First is Many Waters (A Wrinkle in Time Quintet) by Madeleine L'Engle.  I know a lot of people have heard of and probably read A Wrinkle in Time at some point in their childhood.  As did I.  But at the time I also then wanted to read every book by that author, especially those that were in a series.  The reason I chose this book is because there was one thing that really stood out for me. Something that others may know more about from the book The Red Tent by Anita Diamont.  The tent that the women stay in, separate from the men, during their "time of the month".  I know that it was not a good thing, it was a way of discriminating against women, they were considered "unclean" during that time.  But today all I can think is that how awesome would it be if I could just sit and rest and be away from the rest of the annoying world during that time.  :-)  Right girls?  That's not all the books is about obviously, that's just what stood out in my head.  Here is the blurb from Goodreads:
A touch of computer keys, a blast of heat, and suddenly the Murry twins, Sandy and Dennys, are gasping in a shimmering desert land. If only the brothers had normal parents, not a scientist mother and a father who experiments with space and time travel. If only the Murry twins had noticed the note on the door of their mother's lab: EXPERIMENT IN PROGRESS. PLEASE KEEP OUT.

But it's too late for regrets. There's a strange -- and very small -- person approaching, with a miniature mammoth in tow....

At last it's Sandy and Dennys turn for an adventure -- an adventure that turns serious when they discover that "many waters" are coming to flood the desert. The twins must find a way back home soon, or they will drown. But how will they get back to their own time? Can they?

Second is Meg by Steve Alten.  This is an awesome science fiction story about the giant Carcharodon megalodon, an ancient prehistoric shark that has found its way from a hiding place deep in the ocean up into our world.  I could totally see the SyFy channel doing a movie of this series, but what I'd really love is if the people who did Jurassic Park would do this, using all the awesome technology and special effects to make it into the movie it deserves to be.  This actually is a series, there are 4 books in the series.  And this author has other great books as well.  Here is the blurb for this first book in the series from Goodreads:
On a top-secret dive into the Pacific Ocean's deepest canyon, Jonas Taylor found himself face-to-face with terror. The sole survivor of the mission, Taylor remains haunted years later by what he saw. Written off as a crackpot, he insists that the prehistoric shark known as Carcharodon megalodon still swims the deep underwater chasms.

Only an urgent call for help from one of his oldest friends can persuade him to return to those deadly waters. Now Taylor will relive his darkest nightmare, only to find that what he saw before was only the beginning. For what lies deep beneath the waves is a horror that could turn the tides blood-red until the end of time....

So, did you read A Wrinkle in Time when you were younger?  Are you a science fiction fan?  I love all things dinosaur and other prehistoric creature related, so Meg just fascinates me no matter how unrealistic the story may be.

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