Monday, September 19, 2016

Audiobook Review: All Lined Up (Rusk University #1) by Cora Carmack

Book info:
TitleAll Lined Up  
Author:  Cora Carmack
SeriesRusk University #1   
Genre:  New Adult Contemporary Romance - Sports
Published:  May 13th, 2014
Source:  Digital download from public library

So, Cora Carmack is not only an author I'd heard that I needed to read, she is one of the authors that will be at NOLA StoryCon in two weeks.  So I have been working on reading her books, or rather, listening to the audiobooks.  I did really enjoy this book for the most part.  There was so much about the main character that reminded me of myself.  First, she's not a fan of football, me neither.  Second, she doesn't like the part in a church service where everyone turns around to greet each other, or at my churches, you "give peace".  I hate that part.  As an introvert, I am never comfortable reaching out and shaking a bunch of other people's hands, and if I go to shake someone's hand, and they are busy reaching to someone else, then I feel really stupid.  So it was definitely fun to read and know that she and I had some personality quirks in common.

This book was told from the viewpoints of the two main characters, Dallas, the football coach's daughter, and Carson, one of the football players, soon to be a star player.  Dallas comes from a small town, where her father was the football coach there.  He got the job at this college, and so Dallas went there to get the good deal on school.  She wasn't too excited about it, first of all because her ex-boyfriend was one of the star football players there, and he really was a jerk.  Dallas is unlucky enough to run into him at the first party she goes to with her best friend at the beginning of the year.  But she also runs into Carson at this party.  And they kind of click.  At first Dallas doesn't know exactly who Carson is, that he is a football player.  But once she finds out, she is mad.  She is afraid he was using her to get to her father.  Of course they do get past that, and then they have to decide just how much they can go public.  I mean, it's possible their relationship could be a problem for her father, or Carson. And when there is a picture taken that shows something totally out of context. Things do get kind of bad.  

They are able to work through their issues, and it does work out in the end.

I enjoyed it, it wasn't a perfect story.  I kind of saw what was going to go down at the end, and it was something that annoys me whenever a character in a book does it.  I won't say what it is for now, don't want to spoil anything.  But it was a pretty good read/listen.  Very quick, and kept my attention all the way through.