Friday, August 12, 2016

Review: Pure (Covenant #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Book info:
Author:  Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series:  Covenant #2
Genre:  YA Paranormal Romance
Published:  April 3rd, 2012
Source:  purchased myself

Once again, Armentrout has blown me away.  And I'm beginning to fall in love with Seth, and fall out of love with Aiden for sure.  Yes, I know that Aiden is a pure-blood, and so a romance between him and Alexandria is not allowed. But, the way Aiden goes about pushing her away, even if it is for his own good, well, it's worse than what Edward did to Bella in Twilight, at least to me it was.  It was bad enough that it is definitely pushing me to Seth.  If you haven't read the first book, Half-Blood, yet, then you should go read that review HERE, and not read on if you don't want any spoilers for the first book.   

At the end of the last book we are left with Alexandria trying to come back from the daimon attacks.  Her training is doubled with both Seth and Aiden training her.  Things get worse with more attacks, leaving the half-bloods as suspects, so much that the Pures begin demanding they get mandatory physicals and are basically on house arrest.  One night when Alex and her friends try to just hang out and watch movies in one of their dorms, when two of them decide to sneak to the cafeteria for snacks to eat during the movie, they are attacked.  And only Alex makes it out alive.  Now people are blaming her even more.  And not only that, because it was her mother that attacked before, she is now being forced to go in front of the Council to prove that she is not to blame, and should be allowed to continue in her path, especially now that they know she is an Apollyon as well.  But the council, or specific members that is, don't seem to want to give her a chance.  While at the council meetings, Alex gets to see what happens to a pure and a half-blood who have been together.  And there are other dangerous things going on, even where you would think it would be the most safe.  Someone has compelled other pures, something that is illegal.  And this is something that puts Alex in danger.  

Seth, he just really grows on you.  When we learn that the connection between him and Alex is what causes Alex to have the hot flashes she is having, and oh is that a funny and awkward thing, it is even more interesting to see their connection.  Alex will have to choose, and with Aiden being the way he is, even knowing it is what is best, she must decide if she should give Seth a chance.  A chance for the two of them not only to work together as Apollyons, but to also maybe be more than that.

Now, unfortunately, this time I don't have the next book yet to jump into.  I have the 5th book, and then I have the Titans series two books that I just won from the author.  But books three and four I had to order.  And so, I ordered the white covers!  I don't care if they all match perfectly, I like the white covers also, so I'm glad to get those from the Book Depository, hopefully sooner rather than later!

Only about two months now till NOLA Story Con when I will get to meet Jennifer L. Armentrout and try not to embarrass myself being a totally nerdy, geeky fangirl!