Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review: Widower's Aura by A.J. Renee

Book info:
TitleWidower's Aura  
Author:  A.J. Renee 
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  August 18th, 2016
Source:  E-book for review from author

First, thanks to the author, A.J. Renee for reaching out to me about this book.  I accepted a copy for review, as the synopsis sounded like one of the types of books I've been reading lately as e-books.  I really was not disappointed.

There are two main characters really, Sofia and Noah.  Sofia has just moved away from the city of New Orleans to a smaller town nearby, St. Fleur. She was a juvenile probationary officer there, and she just got to the point where she needed to get away.  And so she is opening a photography business in the small town.  A couple years after she's been there, and has an established business, there is a new guy in town that attracts Sofia's attention from the first time she sees him.

Noah has just moved to town also, he recently lost his wife to a violent crime while he was away in the military.  He is now with his daughter, and takes on different construction and other types of handy-man jobs.  The first time he sees Sofia, he also is immediately affected by her.

The two of them are brought together when Noah's daughter Lexi is caught spray painting an orchid on the side of Sofia's building.  Now Sofia has a bit of an odd ability, she can see the auras of the people around her, and she can tell from Lexi's aura that she didn't do it maliciously, that she needs some attention and maybe some guidance.  And therefore Sofia offers to forgive Lexi's crime if Lexi comes and does volunteer work for her with her photography business.  Sofia and Noah continue to be thrown together through dealing with Lexi, as well as the fact that Noah is the next door neighbor of Sofia's best friend Lindsey.  The two will find many connections as they become more and more attracted to each other, and both will have to work through their own issues to become a real couple and give in to the love they seem to have for each other.

The book started out a little weak, but because I could see the possibility I kept on reading, and it was totally worth it. By the end of the book I was having a lot of trouble putting it down because I needed to know how things were going to turn out.  While I feel that the aura business at times was a little bit extra that didn't necessarily need to be part of the story, some of it did work out to add interesting details to certain situations.  The sexy scenes were pretty good, and I loved all the best friend characters.  In fact, the little excerpt at the end of this book for the next one featuring Lindsey only served to make me very impatient for that book to come out, which isn't until 2017.

I definitely will be recommending this as a quick, fun read, with suspense, romance, and definitely steamy scenes in parts.  I also enjoyed the New Orleans setting, as I am getting ready to visit the city myself in about a month for the second time. 

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