Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July End of the Month Wrap Up Post

Wow.  I'm not sure if my year is ever going to slow down!  So I'm going to still do this, but I'm going to make this a very quick wrap up for each challenge. 

First, I mentioned doing a Halloween in July Challenge.  And I did it, and posted it.  My goal was 3 books, but I only got one done.  :-(  There was a giveaway, speaking of which I need to go pick a winner in the rafflecopter!

I would definitely say last month was a great time with the comment challenge!  I was partnered up with Peyton at A Bookish Mess.  I know I commented at least 11 times that I remembered to keep track of. And it was fun following her blog more, because she reads a lot of the types of romance books that I've been really getting into lately.  This month my partner is Marilag at Story and Somnomancy.  I am looking forward to getting to know her better!  Once again I am entered to do 11-20 comments.

My July post was a topic I've been seeing around on a lot of blogs lately, but still one that I think is good for discussion:  To DNF or Not To DNF, That Is The Question - Or How Do You Decide If You Should Give Up On A  Book?  Feel free to click the link and join into the discussion!  I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do a post on in August, but I'm still thinking!

Once again not so sure I did that great on my own challenge.  At least since I changed the plan to add even just new authors that helped.  Here you go:

 I didn't get anything from my TBR pile this month.  :-(

This month I got three titles' feedback sent.  Once again I'm still at 70% for my ratio.  Here are the three I got added: 

I just joined this challenge back in June.  You can check out my sign up post by clicking the button right above. Last month I got three from my list.  This month I got 7 more from the list.  But, one of those was a DNF audiobook, although I may go back and read it at some point.  Two others that I'll highlight below I actually read in June, but didn't review until July.  And then three of the seven that I read this month won't be reviewed till next month.

Again, I'm going to go really quickly through these this month, and you can check out my original goals by clicking on the button above.

  • Still doing well with the Edelweiss and Netgalley goals, although a couple books on Edelweiss came up that I HAD to download for sure!
  • Still posting every day, or to make up for those days that I didn't, there are some days that have more than one post.
  • Again have been so busy I haven't been as great at commenting, but definitely met my comment challenge goal above!
  • Later with this end of month post than planned, but still done!
  • Still getting 2 reviews a week done.  I'm considering this next month that I'll put more than one review a day on review days because of how far behind I feel like I'm getting. One of the books I just finished may not even get reviewed till September, and that's ridiculous.  
  • I actually got some money saved finally.  I ended up getting a bigger check at the end of July from my library job.  Actually it was 3 paychecks in one, hard to explain, but still was nice.  I had planned to put $1000 in savings, but ended up only putting $500. But hey, it's better than I did have!  And, I finally used part of that money to get myself a personal laptop.  Although I decided not to splurge on a Mac, so will be getting used to a Windows computer again!  Hoping to get all my stuff switched over from my work Mac to my personal laptop this weekend!  Also my new laptop should be good enough to play The Sims if I decide I want to start playing again.  I've mostly kept up with my 3 times a week goal.  But not perfectly.  But then I've had a couple days I've got my goal number of steps in without actually going to the gym.  I think for August I'm going to stick to the 3 times a week since school will be starting back up.  I need to make sure that I can keep up with that much before I bump it up.  I haven't gotten much writing done. But, I do have a writing date set up with my former writing partner for this Sunday.  I'm looking forward to it!

 You can check out my goals by clicking on the button above!  I only got one this month.  But I'm pretty sure some that I've read this month, but won't review till next month, will add up for the August End of the Month Wrap Up.
Those are my challenges.  I did bump my Goodreads goal up because I was pretty close to reaching it.  Here are the number of books I read, reviews, and mini-reviews from last month.
  • # of books read:  31
  • # of full reviews posted on blog:  13
  • # of mini-reviews posted on blog:  10
  • # of DNFs:   1
Again, as much as I'd love to do a TBR for August, I'm running out of time!    How did your July turn out?