Saturday, February 7, 2015

Review: White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

About a month ago I got a stripped cover copy of the 2nd book in this series from the bookstore where I work.  So I had to go to the library to check out the first book.  And then, wouldn't you know, the first book became a stripped cover at my bookstore, so now I got that, and it was my first read for my romantic themed reads for February.  This is my second book by Armentrout, and I think I'm now completely sold on her writing, and probably need to read every book she writes!  The first one I read was Don't Look Back, and while I loved it for the suspenseful writing, this series I know I love for the awesome characters and the steamy romance!

The main character is Layla.  Layla is half demon, half Warden, and Wardens are what we call gargoyles.  They were sent to us to take care of demons, and have only recently come out and let humans know what they are.  Layla lives with the Wardens.  The problem is that her demon half wants to take souls.  And Wardens have the purest, brightest souls, so she has to be extremely careful around her own family.  One of them, Zayne, who would be like an older brother if she hasn't had a crush on him for so long, seems to only see her as a sister, and even so, it can't be anything more because the temptation to take his soul would be too great for her.  She does have the ability to see everyone's soul auras, and she can tell if they have good souls, or if they are demons even.  And the Wardens let her help out by tagging demons for them. When she touches them, she leaves a mark, and that tells the Wardens who to go hunt.  Saves them a lot of time. 

But something has changed.  The demons seem to be looking for her now, and they attack her.  Right about this same time, a major demon shows up.  Roth, sexy and charismatic, Roth saves her from one demon.  But Layla knows she can't trust him.  After all, the Wardens have raised her to deny her demon side, to help them get rid of demons.  But something about Roth keeps her interest, she can't seem to stop talking to him.  He knows about what it is like for Layla. The things she has to deny.  But he gives her some doubts about the tagging demons. Maybe they're not all as bad and deserving to be sent back to Hell.  And he saves her life many times.  Not to mention the physical attraction that seems to be sparking between them. 

Again I have to just say, WOW, the steaminess of this book, without being ridiculous.  It was perfect.  The cover definitely shows what it will be like.  My only thing that kept me from it, was that I thought the cover did not look like a teen book.  It looks more like an adult romance, the ones that go much farther than steamy, go all the way if you will.  I'd be reading the 2nd book right now, except I make myself read an egalley in between every physical book that I pick up so that I can try to keep on top of those review books.

I am now going to be recommending Jennifer L. Armentrout to everyone.  Can't wait to start sharing!