Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? - February 2nd, 2015

This weekly meme is sponsored by Book Journey, and we talk about things we read last week, and our plans for what we'll read this coming week. 

Last week:

I got three reviews in last week, so that's awesome!  With my goal being 2 a week, that means I stayed on top of that.
  Currently Reading:

I'm working on keeping up and maybe getting ahead with my e-galleys and other review books, so I'm on my 2nd one in a row this week, pictured below.  It's definitely fitting right in with my love of fairy tales reimagined.

This week:

As I mentioned above, I'm working on getting my egalleys caught up, and I'm doing well as the books I'm working on now won't be published till the last week of February.  I'm also going to try to read more of my romance titles, other than what I have to read to keep up with reviews, since it is February and Valentine's Day is this month.  So that is playing into my other book choices for the month.  The egalleys are also mostly working for my COYER challenge as well. I'm going to try to be reasonable with what I think I might get to this week, and here are those plans:
 Now I've heard some not so great reviews on the 2nd one, but it sounded so good I want to read and make my own opinion.  So I didn't really read the reviews yet, just the ratings so far.