Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Promo: Excerpt of Salt and Stone by Victoria Scott

It seems fitting that as I finally got an egalley of this book that the author would ask her street team, the V Mafia, to share with everyone a final excerpt from the sequel to Fire and Flood.  Along with the excerpt, at the end of this post will be a giveaway for a signed UK edition of FIRE and FLOOD, a signed galley of SALT and STONE, and signed swag. It's open internationally, and will close in a week.


I swallow and stare at him in the dark, my entire body itching to feel his touch. When I see the anticipation in his stance, the way he looks at me as if Im both infuriating and appealing it makes me feel powerful. But when he takes a step in my direction, that power plummets to some place untouchable. Now Im a seventeen-year-old girl again, standing in the shadows with someone who feels like hes lived three lives to my one.

Come with me, he orders.

Theres no room for refusal, and I dont want there to be. He takes my hand to help me step over sleeping bodies, both human and Pandora. When I stumble, he leans over and sweeps beneath my knees. Im brought into his arms with the same ease I may use to curl a rabbit to my chest. But Im not such an innocent, silent creature.

Ive got spirit and fire in spades. Though, right now, as he carries me to the single back bedroom, I have neither. Im somebody else now. Im Tella Holloway, Boston girl turned Montana transplant, sitting on the edge of her bed, awaiting her very first date with the boy who makes her parents uneasy. A boy who doesnt speak nearly enough, but when he does, this girl stops and listens. In my minds eye, Im wearing the silver-sequined dress thats hibernated in my closet far too long. I feel beautiful and confident, and who cares if he said were going to the lake at night? I want to glimpse the look on his face when he sees me. I envision how his entire face will light up as if its lit from within. How his full lips will part slightly and his cold blue eyes will soften.

Guy sets me on my feet, and I gaze up at him.

Oh yes. Right there. Thats the look I imagined.

© 2015 Victoria Scott.  From Salt & Stone by Victoria Scott, published by Scholastic Inc.  All rights reserved.
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