Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two Bits of Exciting News in My Life!

Normally I don't do "personal" posts, but since both of my good news items are book related, and the book I just finished I can't post my review until August, I'm going to share them anyway!
As many of my followers may know, I have long been trying to get a library job.  I got my Master's in Library Science back in 2003, and a few years after that I decided I was ready to move to the next stage in my teaching career and started looking for a school library job.  I've been pretty much unsuccessful since then, other than an offer that my current school district said they wouldn't let me out of my contract for because of the late date, and another offer from a school district that would have been a HUGE pay cut, like half of what I'm making now, and I'd have had to move out of town, which when you own a house, isn't easy to do.  So anyway, this week I interviewed with a school district in the town right across the state line from where I live, and they offered me the job!  I'm so excited, the interview went great, and I think it is the first one that I've come back so excited about what kind of an opportunity it would  be.  So now, I will really be able to say I am a school librarian.
My 2nd bit of news is that I was recently contacted by a publishing company that published the little biography books that you see in school libraries.  They are getting ready to produce a line of books about authors.  They sent me a message on Facebook asking if they could use one of my pictures that I'd taken, or had taken of me at BEA last  year with Maggie Stiefvater, the picture you see below.  They will be publishing it next year in a book about her, and I will get credit, and got a small payment for it as well.

So this has been a really good week for me, a great start to my summer after a year that was not great teaching.  I'm so looking forward to moving on with my career into the direction I've been so excited to get into.  I hope that all of you are having a good summer so far as well.