Saturday, December 10, 2016

Review: Foreplay (The Ivy Chronicles #1) by Sophie Jordan

Book info:
Author:  Sophie Jordan
SeriesThe Ivy Chronicles #1
Genre:  New Adult Romance
Published:   November 5th, 2013
Source:  Book I purchased at NOLA Storycon 2016
My rating:  4 stars

Up until now I'd only read some teen books by this author.  Since I've been reading more romance, a lot more lately, when I went to NOLA Storycon back at the beginning of October, I chose to buy this book there and get it signed by the author.  I am glad that I picked this one, as I really enjoyed it.  

The main character is Pepper.  She is in love with her best friend's brother Hunter, but he only seems to see her as his sister's friend.  So in order to try to make him notice her, she thinks that she needs to become more experienced, because she hasn't really dated much up until now.  And she really has no idea how to get him to notice her anyway.  So her friends decide to get her to try to hook up with this bartender that all the girls seem to be hooking up with, or at least kissing or making out with. 

When they get to the bar, the guy behind the bar is pretty hot.  His name is Reece.  And it turns out he's not really quite the way he was made out to be.  He actually seems to be a little offended when he finds out that Pepper wants to use him to get more experienced.  She's only 19, he's 23. Both of them seem to say things that annoy or rub the other one the wrong way, but there is definitely sparks between them.  

He agrees to help her out, although he does it pretty much with an attitude and making her feel kind of weird about it. But they have some good sexy moments, and soon it seems to be more than just lessons and physical, they start to have more than just sparks between them.  And now Pepper has to decide if she still wants Hunter, who has broken up with his girlfriend, or if Reece is really the right  one for her. 

It is definitely an HEA ending.  And I'm excited to read on in the series, and see who is next in the romantic line up.