Thursday, December 22, 2016

Promo Post and Giveaway: Incandescently by Sylvie Parizeau

Book info:
Title:  Incandescently
Author:  Sylvie Parizeau
Publication date: October 22nd, 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance
LIAM O’SHEA, bestseller author of the SciFi saga, Eiloe.
All I knew was pain – a childhood filled with cruelty and villains who used and abused.
Until Éolie.
I first heard her sweet, angelical voice in the dark of night, when I lay bathed in my own impending death. Seventeen years later, it’s not the nightmare she pulled me out of that haunts me, but the glimpse of Happily Ever After she revealed just before disappearing.
They said she was a figment of my boundless imagination. A wish. A dream. Until I had no choice but to believe them, cherishing my imaginary savior the only way I knew how – in fiction and lore.
But fantasy has a way of transforming reality. When I finally tire of being a citizen of the world, I take an impromptu sabbatical as a professor at a small college on the coast of Maine. And there I see her, the girl with the sea-green eyes and angelic voice.
My world turns upside down. Turns out my girl is for real, and the pull between us is anything but imaginary.
Happily Ever After has a story … and this one is mine.


I hear Liam’s sharp intake of breath.

Oh mon dieu.

“Please tell me I didn’t say that out loud,” I say, burying my scalding face into Liam’s chest.

Liam chuckles lightly. “Éolie?”

I shake my head and tighten my hold on his waist, burying even deeper into the folds of his shirt. It smells of the ocean on a clear windy day, and of something else all Liam, a clean warm musk that makes me feel tingly all over.

He brings one hand against my head, cradling my cheek close to his heart. I feel the rapid rise and fall of his chest—or is it mine? He dips his head, and his breath tickles my ear. Goose bumps travel up my skin at lightning speed, and a strange, delicious sort of shivering centers low in my belly.

Warm lips lightly trail down my face to the corner of my mouth where they whisper, “I want to kiss you blind. So bad.” Lethal words and lips that spread liquid fire. I have no clear idea what to do with either.

He tips my chin up and brings his hand back up to my cheek, cupping it. “Don’t think I won’t,” he says, his thumb stroking my bottom lip, and my pulse leaps out of my throat. “I’ve waited a lifetime. I won’t stop at one kiss, promise.” His smile is slow, creasing his cheeks, bringing out his dimples, and I forget I’m supposed to breathe. His voice rumbles, deep and magnetizing, “But it won’t be here, or now, my little Rose.”

He straightens up, leaving me reeling and light-headed.

“Rose—?”  I murmur in a daze, still looking at his mouth.

Author Bio:
A paralegal by day and incurable romantic by night, Sylvie is a cross-genre, and she takes Happily Ever After very seriously. The End just isn’t in her vocabulary.
An incorrigible daydreamer, she now feeds her obsession with epilogues by concocting stories in which heroes deal with the happy from the get-go. Ready, or not. And she confesses under oath to loving every minute of it.
Sylvie lives her own Happily Ever After in the beautiful mountains of Les Laurentides in Northern Quebec, alongside her whole set of characters.
In between treks in their backyard wilderness, you can find them hanging out at