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Promo Post and Giveaway: Membrane by @michelecorriel

Book info:
Author:  Michele Corriel
Genre:  YA Scifi
Release Date:  October 10th, 2016
Publisher:  Leap Books

Summary from Goodreads:
In the multi-verse people may look familiar, but no one is who they seem. 

In a small town in Montana, Sophie lives with her quantum physicist mother, and her equally brilliant, but dangerously obsessed, step-father. 

Her father disappeared years ago under mysterious circumstances, but Sophie is still haunted by memories of him that seem so real she swears she feels his presence one night as she drifts off tosleep. 

Realizing that somehow her missing father is trying to send her a message, Sophie decides totake a big risk. 

With her friend, Eli, Sophie must discover what strange experiment her father did and understand the startling impact it has on her world and another, just across the membrane dividing the multi-verse.

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Author Interview:

How long have you been writing?

I think I’ve always been a writer. I remember making “books” from paper, crayons and a stapler when I was in first grade. I made a lot of them. After that I began writing poetry, then short stories and then longer stories. I still write poetry. I feel like it a purer form of literature and it really gets to the heart of what I’m trying to say.

I also write about art for magazines. This keeps me grounded and allows me to use the poetry to talk about art. There’s a long tradition of poets writing about art and I like to think I’m keeping that alive.

When writing Membrane I would often take scenes and try to come at it from a poetic perspective. Again, it really hits the mark in a subtle (or maybe not so subtle) way. Like when Sophie realizes her feeling for Eli and they have their first kiss. I really wanted it to be something the reader felt along with Sophie.

My favorite books … I’m very eclectic in my reading as well as my music. It has to hit my mood. My playlists are all over the place, from Frank Sinatra to The Killers to John Coltrane to YoYoMa. As far as books, I always keep a few books of poetry on my desk. Right now I have Mary Oliver’s West Wind, Denise Levertov’s Selected Poems, and Billy Collins’ The Trouble with Poetry. If I need a little inspiration I’ll take a few minutes to read some poetry. It never fails to get me kickstarted. I’ve read all of the  A Song of Ice and Fire books by George RR Martin and am eagerly awaiting the next one. Honestly, I’m addicted to books. My house has so many I think the whole place may cave in!

My favorite movies … my all-time favorite movie is Casablanca, with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. It’s a classic, but it has it all. I must’ve watched it a hundred times and I always cry when the French sing the national anthem on top of the Nazis. (I’m not giving anything away here!) Of course I love, love, love all the superhero movies. I’m a big Iron Man and Dark Knight fan. I love a damaged anti-hero hero.  

About the author:
Michele Corriel lives and works in Montana's scenic Gallatin Valley, surrounded by seven mountain ranges.  

Her work is as varied as the life she's led, from the rock/art venues of New York City to the rural back roads of the Rockies. With her fourth book just out from Leap Books, she's also a prolific freelance magazine writer with articles regionally, nationally and internationally. Michele has received a number of awards for her non-fiction as well as her poetry. She also enjoys teaching, presenting writing workshops and speaking on panels across the country. 

When she's not writing you may find her on the golf course, hiking or slogging her way through the snow on what some people like to refer to as "skis." You might also find her in the kitchen creating exciting new flavors or recreating classics.   

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