Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stacking the Shelves September 15th, 2013

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.  It is a way for us to share the new books we have collected.  This week was a smaller haul, but that's okay as I've said before it's not like I'm hurting for things to read at the moment, or probably ever will be.  

Purchased for others:

If you remember from last week, I got a guitar book for my step-dad's birthday. Well, we haven't celebrated yet, because it doesn't actually take place til the 17th, but then my mother and my brother will be out of town then, and I will actually be going to see Maggie Stiefvater for the 3rd time!  So I'm guessing next week we'll celebrate.  I haven't gotten any other ideas of gifts for him, so I thought he would like this as "his" book to read to my niece Hadley, who I showed you in my STS last week.

Purchased for myself:

Now that the tv series Fringe is over, I'm excited to see a book series being brought about.  I only hope it will go back to the time before all the big "other" dimension stuff came about. And go back to the mystery a week type of story.  So I bought it.  I also am collecting the Supernatural tv series books.  I've now got written on a piece of paper that I keep in my name tag at the bookstore, so that I can buy them as I have money, and not miss any.  

E-book Novellas Purchased for Nook:

The first two are from the Monument 14 series by Emmy Laybourne.  The first one, Dress Your Marines in White, is #0.5, so comes before the books we're read.  The second one, Jake and the Other Girl, is #1.5, so in between the two books that are out.  And the final book you see was the one that I got to help come up with the name for,  Tooth and Nail.  Now, it is #3.5, so I am not ready to read it until I read #3.  

Those are my additions to my bookshelves this week, what did you add?


  1. I've read all the Supernatural books, hope you love them as much as I do :-)

    1. I've enjoyed the ones I've read so far. I love when the authors really get Dean's sense of humor down.

  2. Haven't read those books though it looks interesting! :D <3

    Great haul ;)

    Thank you for the visit :D

    New Follower

    Home Of A Book Lover

  3. I haven't heard any of these. I hope you'll enjoy them!


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