Saturday, November 12, 2016

Review: Piece by Piece (Evergreen Grove Series #4) by Elisabeth Staab

Book info:
TitlePiece by Piece
Author:  Elisabeth Staab
SeriesEvergreen Grove #4
Genre:  New Adult Romance
Published: September 20th, 2016
Source:  HCBS Productions Book Tours e-book for review
My rating:  4 stars

I participated in a Promo tour for this book, and while at the time I wasn't able to do a review in time, the tour group was nice enough to still let me have a copy of the book to review when I could fit it in.  I actually read a lot of this while I was at the NOLA StoryCon.  It was a quick read, very cute and sexy.  

There are two main characters that tell us the story, Ethan and Leeanne.  Ethan is a kind of nerdy college student.  When we first meet him, he's walked in on his dad having sex with the girl that Ethan thought was his own girlfriend.  So now Ethan feels like he hast to get out of the house where he lives with his dad.  He finds a new friend to move in with, until he can find a better place.  He also goes out for his birthday and gets drunk, everything going on, his best friends not making it to celebrate his birthday with him.  At the bar is a waitress that he's always kind of flirted with.  And this night, he decides to take the flirting a little further with Leeanne.

Leeanne is working at a bar after getting out of an unhealthy relationship.  She got the job from a friend, and she does her best to do what she can so that some day she can move on.  She doesn't want to give in to Ethan's flirting, but after saving her from a meeting with a friend of her ex that could turn violent, he makes his case in a very physical way.  Part of the reason she fights the attraction is that she doesn't feel good enough for a college student since she is just a waitress instead of going to school like Ethan.  

The two both have their own issues to work through, and while a lot of the book is predictable, there are still some new aspects to this story that totally make it worthwhile.  I did enjoy it, and now look forward to reading other books in the series, to see more about what happens to the other characters in the story.

Also, I'm not a huge fan of the cover.  The glasses are way too dorky for the guy, making him a little too dorky to be attractive in a nerdy way.