Monday, November 21, 2016

Promo Post and Product Review: UberPrints T-shirt

A short time ago I was contacted by UberPrints and offered a free t-shirt for doing a review and promotion on my blog.  As someone who loves to have t-shirts to wear that show off whatever I might currently be infatuated with, or else whatever I'm a fangirl of, I jumped on this opportunity.  While trying I had a hard time trying to decide exactly what I wanted to put on this t-shirt, the actual process was as easy as pie! 

First thing you do is pick what type of shirt you want to make.  You can choose men's or unisex, women's, kids and babies, or even pets!  Depending which type of shirt you pick, there are a multitude of color choices.  Now, the first thing you have to know about that though, is that there are two groups of colors for each product.  There is digital printing and screen printing.  If you are just making one for yourself, you want digital printing, which also may mean a few less color choices.  But if you are wanting to order a lot of them, say for a team, or group of people, then you can go with screen printing. 

After that you can pick an image, or the words that you want on the shirt.  I was very impressed with the variety and amount of clip art that is provided on the site so that you don't have to go looking elsewhere.  There are so many different type of fonts for the words as well.  You can change the sizes of the pictures and words.  You can even change the colors of the images, which is so much fun!  I chose a shirt with what I feel is my life motto, "So many books, so little time."  You can see that one of my dogs had to check out my new shirt when I put it on the bed to take pictures.

Finally you'll pick your shirt size.  Now, that is the one area that my shirt didn't quite turn out how I expected.  It was a little bigger than I thought based on the information.  But I'm sure that all depends on the type of shirt you pick.  Here you can see how I ended up looking in the t-shirt.  It's a bit long on me, but since I'm only 5 foot tall, that is how most shirts are on me.

All I can say is how much fun it was, and how much I love this shirt!  I also have a ton of ideas for other shirts I want to make.  A couple that I really want before I meet some other favorite authors.  As well as one for another favorite saying of mine.  I will be making all my future fangirl t-shirts with, and I definitely recommend that you try it as well!