Thursday, November 17, 2016

Review: Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams

Book info:
TitleForgiving  Lies
Author:  Molly McAdams
SeriesForgiving Lies #1
Genre:  New Adult Romance
Published:  October 29th, 2013
Source:  Purchased from bargain section at bookstore
My rating:  5 stars

Okay, after this book, Molly McAdams has been redeemed for me.  The first of her books that I listened to, Taking Chances, was good, but I had issues with it.  I only gave that one 3 stars.  But this book blew me away!  And I can't wait to read on in the series, especially after I know how the next book is going to go from the preview.  

The two main characters are Kash and Rachel.  Kash is an undercover cop sent to where he is in order to try to find a serial killer.  So right off the bat he's having to lie to Rachel, who at first isn't a fan of his.  She finds him kind of rude.  Not to mention that Rachel's best friend and roommate, Candice, is hooking up with Kash's roommate/partner.  At first Rachel is having issues because even though the guy she'd always had a crush on, Candice's cousin Blake.  He seems to want to go out with Rachel now as well.  But Rachel isn't sure because he seems to be quite the ladies' man.  She finally gives in and goes out with him, and it turns out he's not quite the guy she'd thought.  

However Candice won't believe anything bad about her cousin, even with her best friend telling her, so she keeps trying to get Rachel back with him.  Even with Kash and Rachel beginning to feel something for each other.  

Kash knows he shouldn't get involved with Rachel, at least not in any way more meaningful than his roommate is with her roommate.  But Rachel's got other things going on in her past, her own secrets that she's keeping from Kash.  Kash can see from the way she reacts to something that she has been through a trauma, something he knows from his experience as a cop.  And so he slowly works with her to help her move on.  Eventually their friendship grows into something more.  But this brings Blake back into Rachel's life.  And not in a good way.  

In the end, Kash's case and Rachel's safety will become intertwined, and Kash will have to make a very heroic rescue of the girl he loves.  

I've seen several posts on Goodreads talking about the little bit of a cliffhanger at the end, and yeah, it gets you.  I've also seen people talk about the book coming with a "trigger warning".  I'm really a bit in the air about that.  While I understand people's point, I have to say that I have been through my own situation that this could be a trigger for, and I have my own anxiety problems, but I don't expect an author to give me a "warning" when I read a book.  Sorry, my own thoughts on that issue.

Overall, I really, really liked this book and am eager to not only read on in this series, but to also read more books by McAdams now.