Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Top Ten Books I'm Thankful For

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I am going to choose books that for some reason either made me learn or feel something that I'll never forget and that I am thankful for whatever it was.  Books that really made something happen or change in my life.  I'll post a picture along with one sentence or so with each book to tell you why I'm thankful for that book.


I am thankful to this series because for a while, it brought me and one of my younger sisters really close.  So close that when she moved to New York City, I had to go visit her when the last movies were coming out, because we had the tradition of seeing them at the midnight premieres for each one.  It also led me to get my first tattoo, the cover of Twilight.


I am thankful that I read this and then fell in love with JLA, and so then I had to sign up to go to the NOLA Storycon in 2016 so I could meet her, which meant I also decided to try to read books by the new authors that would be at that convention, which meant I fell in love with some of my now all time favorite authors like Samantha Young and Jay Crownover.


This was the first book I read by Maggie Stiefvater, which made me fall in love with her books. Then, because I loved her books, I went to see her when she came on tour to my town, and I also ended up meeting and finding two more favorite authors:  Brenna Yovanoff and Tessa Gratton, because they happened to be with her on tour.  Because of that, when I got to go and see them all again at BEA one year, my picture of seeing them got picked by a publisher to put in a biography of Maggie, and now I have a published photo!


This book was one of the first e-galleys I ever read from Netgalley.  I then looked up the author on Twitter and followed her, tweeting to tell her how much I loved her book. When I went to visit my sister in NYC as I mentioned above, she followed my tweets, and I asked if I could possibly meet her somewhere and get an autograph. She was so awesome that she did a crazy thing and met this crazy fan and we ended up going and getting a drink and talking for a long time!  It was one of the neatest experiences of my life!


I read this book in college, while I was working on getting a degree in Earth Science Education.  I really remembered my earlier love of dinosaurs and fossils during this time.  My parents found an article in a newspaper about the museum where this paleontologist worked at the time, and that they let people come work on their dig, well, for a price.  My parents ended up paying for me to go spend a week there, as a college graduation present.  Another of the greatest moments of my life.  


This series.  I just loved it so much!  I couldn't stop reading!  It is the reason I got my 2nd tattoo.  


Okay, this might be a little silly of a "thank you", but this book gave me my all-time book boyfriend.  It was Daemon Black, who is till one of my top 10 all time, but Mal is # 1.


My #2 all time book boyfriend is Nate, and this is another author I'm glad I read because of getting to meet her at NOLA StoryCon, because I thought she was another one of the coolest authors ever.


I'm going to pick this one because it helped me to feel like I should get back to writing the romance I had started several years ago, as well as giving me the inspiration for the one I started last November that I need to finish!


I'm going to pick this book because I loved it so much that I decided to read it with my group of students in the class that we had no curriculum for.  It is really one that I enjoyed getting in depth with them, and caused me to decide to go ahead and get certified to teach English, which in turn I think helped me with finally getting to be a school librarian.

So, can you think of any books that you are grateful for?