Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dicussion Post: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish - Or When Should I Give Up on Blog Tours?

So, recently I've been feeling more and more overwhelmed by all the tours I keep signing up for. Not only that, there have been several that I have signed up to review, and then not enjoyed the book enough to keep reading/listening to it.

The title of this post comes from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the person in charge of one of the tour companies letting me know that I had said I would review a book way back in March I think, and I never did it. So they were going to have to send a link to my review or I wouldn't be able to participate in any more until I did.  At first I could have sworn that I'd sent them an email saying I didn't enjoy the book and wouldn't be reviewing it.  But I went back and looked through all my own emails and couldn't find anything saying I'd sent that to them.  I do remember the book, and I remember when I gave up on it.  It was also right at the end of the school year, so I must have thought I'd emailed, but then forgot with all the crazy end of the school year stuff.  So I ended up just emailing back and saying it was fine if they just took me off of their list for promos.  I mean, the few books I'd gotten from them I hadn't liked enough to even finish, so it probably wasn't worth either of our times for me to stay working with them.

However, after the tour manager reached out to me about another tour I'd signed up for, I emailed back saying I'd thought I wasn't able to participate.  She let me know that she had been sending out a lot of those emails, and doesn't know for sure why I got it, that she still had me listed to keep being a part of the tours.  So that issue is solved.   Who knows what end it was on, probably mine, but it is good to work with someone who is willing to work with someone who is usually dependable.

The other thing, is that there are some tours that have the posts already almost perfectly ready for you to post in an html that they send out, and I love those!  I will mention one that does such an awesome job of it, Xpresso Book Tours.  I love participating because her html documents are almost perfect.  I only usually have to change a few things that are personal preference for my own posts, or maybe insert a review or whatever the extra promo I've got from the author might be.

But I have had to make myself stop signing up for more than one tour a day, for a while this year I got kinda crazy.  Even still, these are all the groups I still get emails from and occasionally post for:

1.  Xpresso Book Tours
2.  Rock Star Book Tours
3.  Jean Book Nerd Blog Tours
4.  YA Bound Book Tours
5.  Social Butterfly PR
6.  InkSlinger Pr
7.  Enticing Journey Book Promotion
8.  Fantastic Flying Book Club Tours
9.  Pump Up Your Book
10.  Silver Dagger Book Tours
11.  Book Unleashed Tours
12.  Reading Addiction Blog Tours
13.  Audiobookworm Promotions

Now those are all I can think of at the moment, so you can see why I feel like Castiel in the gif above.  And I'm not even listing when publishers contact me to participate in tours, or authors themselves ask me to promote their book. Then there are blog tour groups that have gone out of business, one of which was a favorite of mine. And I've not  listed the one that I mentioned above, since I will no longer be working with them anyway.

So, I hate to give up several of them, because I never know when they might have a book I really want to read or be a part of their promotion.

What blog tour groups do you work with?  Have you had any really good or really bad experiences you want to share?  Any thoughts on this post at all, I'd love to hear from you!

Now, excuse me while I go do some more writing to reach my goal during NaNoWriMo!!