Saturday, November 11, 2017

Discussion Post: Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover - Or What's With All the Identical Covers?

So, lately, I've noticed a lot of self-published books having the exact same cover.  The same people/couple, etc.  I understand that costs are expensive to have a brand new cover made, but when you use a picture that is kind of a unique couple, well, I don't know.  Sometimes it bothers me because I already identify that picture with the book I've already read.  Let me show you a couple of examples:

This is a book I read and loved, you can read my review HERE.   Lately I've subscribed to a lot more authors' emails and a few always put the pictures of their own books in every email, and I've seen a few with this exact couple, just maybe reversed, or the tattoos are missing.  Look at these below:

See, exact same picture, just reversed and missing the tattoos, or not quite centered on the cover.

Here is another one I'm seeing several just like it:

I have read this one, review is HERE.  And here is a matching one.

Now here is another favorite book, and this one is actually one I've seen in a physical bookstore.  HERE is my review of it.

Now, of course, as soon as I started working on this post, I couldn't find any of the ones that matched this one. But I'll keep my eyes open for before I post this just in case they pop up again.

Okay, and while this next one I haven't been seeing exact copies, the fakeness of the inserted babies on some covers is crazy!  Like this one:

So, have you noticed any matching covers like this?  I don't necessarily mind having the same person or couple on the covers, it's just when they're basically in the exact same position, same picture. That bugs me.  What do you think?

And because my discussion posts need at least one gif: