Thursday, March 23, 2017

Review: Lyrical (Legal #2) by Bree Dahlia

Book info:
Author:  Bree Dahlia
SeriesLegal #2
Genre:  adult, comedy, romance, older woman younger man
Published:  March 15th, 2017
Source:  Received e-galley from author for honest review
My rating:  5 stars

Just like with the first book, Legal, I was hooked.  I love the idea of the older woman/younger man story just because I have always been attracted to younger men.  I was so glad to hear that Jillian and Chase were getting another story, because I wanted to see exactly just where this story could go.  Could they actually last past the novelty of such a relationship?  Well, this book starts up showing that yes, they can.  But now the little hitch in the whole HEA is that Jillian's son(stepson) is coming home from school. Why is that an issue? Well, he's basically the same age as Chase.  At first it seems as if her son Daniel is okay with Chase.  Even though her ex is still being a jerk about it.  But soon Jillian sees there is a difference in Daniel, right about the time he brings a date to family get together and it is Cassie, the woman that tried to come between Chase and Jillian in the first book.  Cassie seems to want to just be with Daniel.  And Daniel seems to really like her.  So Jillian tries to give her the benefit of the doubt, even though she and Perry, her best friend/brother's fiancee, still don't quite trust Cassie.  

Soon it seems Daniel has changed his opinion about Chase.  And things all come to a head about the time of Perry's bachelorette party.  While strippers/hookers end up at the bachelor party, and then when Perry gets sick and goes back to her hotel room, Jillian follows her, only to have a stripper show up in their room and try to do his little performance on Jillian.  

Someone gets pictures of Jillian when the stripper is there, and also things are leaked to Jillian about what Chase might have been up to at the bachelor party.  There is one common denominator in all this drama.  When things start to go from bad to worse, Jillian has to decide if she is going to give up this true love that she has with Chase for her stepson, or if her stepson needs to come to terms with her relationship.

I like the way that Jillian handles the whole situation.  I feel like so much was handled realistically in this book for the most part.  The sex scenes were still hot as in the first one.  And I definitely am still in love with Chase.  I'm excited to know tht we will probably get a story about Perry and Jillian's brother soon, as I do love Perry and want more with her.  

This is a sweet and fun, yet emotional romance, one I highly recommend.  The first book only got 4 stars from me, but this one was a 5 star.