Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy 3rd Blogoversary to Me!!!

Today is the big day!  The day that Lisa Loves Literature actually began!  While it was not the first day of my blogging about books, it was the day that I started to develop this blog into what it has now become.  The day that I really dedicated myself to talking about the books I was reading.  As I've mentioned before, I'd been kind of reviewing books and movies, and just kind of journaling about my life.  It was spread out between My Space, Live Journal, and I think one other place that I can't remember.  It might even have been here on Blogspot, but under a different blog name.  My friend Charlotte, who I featured on Tuesday (go check out the post and enter a giveaway!!), was blogging over on Blogspot, and so I decided to follow her lead, and change my blog to just books.  I mean that is one of the reasons I have always loved my job at Barnes and Noble so much, because my co-workers were people who understood just standing around and talking about books, and getting excited about books, etc.  Unfortunately we've had cuts in the number of hours we can have people scheduled, so that part of the job happens less, as we don't often get that much time to talk about books while we're working, and there are less of us there at a time to talk.  As you have seen so far this month, I'm going to be posting about reasons why I blog, and other posts so you can get to know me better, of course along with my normal reviews, as I finish a book, or as scheduled reviews.  I also will have a couple author days, one as part of the Authors Are Our Rockstars Hop, and another as an author I feel like is a friend now.
When I met Jonathan Maberry at BEA 2012

Before I move on to the big giveaway, I want to share some exciting news I got on Tuesday of this week.  First some back story, Monday night I was playing around on Facebook and I noticed that Jonathan Maberry, author of the Rot & Ruin zombie series, had posted a little contest wanting people to give him ideas for a title for his new short novella e-book that takes place between the 3rd and 4th book in the series.  I had several ideas that I posted, but one of my first ones was chosen.  So look for the e-book Tooth & Nail next year, and know that the title was my idea!

Okay, and now for the giveaway!!  In honor of 3 years of blogging, I've decided to give away a $30 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.  And in the hopes to increase my blog following, I'm going to run this giveaway until the end of the month,August 31st, and when I reach 600 followers on GFC, I will add $10 to the gift card making it $40.  And for every 50 more followers I gain after that, I'll add another $10 to the gift card.  It'll be interesting to see after a month how many new followers I can get, and how big of a gift card I'll be giving away.  And keep checking by for other giveaways this month too!

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