Monday, August 20, 2012

Cara Lynn Shultz - One of My Rockstar Authors

When I was planning ahead for my big blogoversary celebration month, I really was wanting to do lots of different types of posts.  One thing I really wanted to do was see if I could get any authors to feature on my blog.  Especially any that I'd actually met in person.  And of course, Cara is the first one I picked, because of how nice she was when I met her last November on my first trip to NYC.  Not only was she really cool online talking through Twitter, but we spent a couple hours hanging out and just talking.  I have to say it was one of the neatest nights ever!

Even cooler, because my sister was with me that night, and she was the one living in NYC, she got to go to the release party Cara had for the next book in the series, Spellcaster.  And she got to try the purple velvet cupcakes that I had heard about on Twitter when the first book came out.  

When I returned to NYC in June for BEA, I got to hang out with her again at the bar that her husband owns.  And I did get to see her at BEA as well!  

I am a huge fan of her books, and will hand sell them at my store, and suggest them to my students at school when they are looking for something to read, and I know that paranormal romance is up their alley.  So I emailed Cara and asked if she wouldn't mind writing a little paragraph for me, and here it is:

I had the very welcome opportunity to meet Lisa when she came to New York last
December to visit her sister. She was as lovely as she seemed on Twitter, and let
me tell you, Lisa’s blog is very aptly named! Lisa truly does love literature. She has
a true passion, love and respect for YA, and it shows in her thoughtful blog. I was
thrilled when we got to hang again at BEA this past year. Congrats on three years,
Lisa — here’s to many, many more!

Thanks Cara for taking the time to write that for me!  Along with my promoting her books, for anyone who hasn't read the first one yet, Spellbound, I am running a giveaway, sign up below!  

And when you're done signing up for that, be sure to go to my main blogoversary giveaway for a Barnes and Noble gift card, still worth $30, because I still haven't reached the 600 follower mark yet, when I will bump it to $40.  So go sign up for that HERE!

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