Friday, August 17, 2012

Featured Blog: It's the Little Things

My next featured blogger as part  of my 3rd Blogoversary Celebration isn't a book blog, but it is such a neat, inspiring blog, and a good friend of mine, so I really wanted to share it.  My friend Amanda did such an awesome job with the little write up I asked her for, I almost don't really want to spoil it with too much of my own stuff.  So without further ado, I'll let her take over my blog now.

Happy blog anniversary Lisa! What a special time for you and your readers. Thank you for having me here today to chat about a fantastic book I read over the summer called Bloom by Kelle Hampton. But before I delve into why I love this book so much, I want to give your readers a little background about our relationship and who I am.

My name is Amanda, and I am the writer behind our family's blog, It's the Little Things, about this fantastic little thing called life! Our tiny corner of the internet is your glimpse into ourendless giggles, yummy meals, park excursions, bebe letters, colorful crafts, and heaps of love, with bits and pieces of what inspires us along the way. Something parenthood has taught us so far, is that the little things in life aren't so little after all; they are, in fact, quite big and beautifully important. We invite you to our neck of the woods to enjoy a peek at some of the treasured moments in our lives as a itty-bitty family of four.
How do I know Lisa? Well, we are both middle school teachers at the same school, and up until this year, have taught the same grade right across the hall from each other. Those crazy 8th graders provided us with some unforgettable moments and have bonded us into becoming friends. I admire her love for reading and am happy for her new adventure as a communication arts teacher!
So let’s talk about Bloom. I have been into memoirs of late, so Kelle’s book about her family’s unexpected journey intrigued me from the start. At the moment of giving birth to her second daughter Nella, Kelle learns that she has Down syndrome. From that point on, her gripping and expressive memoir goes on a wild roller coaster ride of emotions that ultimately reveals how this distraught mother overcame her grief and watched life blossom, or bloom, right before her eyes as she uncovered it’s beauty. This memoir is about growth in a time of pain, and how honesty and optimism can help someone make the most of any difficult situation.
From the first few sentences I was glued to Kelle’s journey and I now hold her and her loved ones in a special place in my heart. As a new mama myself, I could really connect to this story on many levels. What has really stuck with me is Kelle’s positive outlook on life, and I know it is one that I will refer to when I am faced with something unexpected or difficult. I highly recommend this book to all parents, teachers, and anyone that is in the process of overcoming ahardship in their life. 

This book sounds really good Amanda!  I'm not sure about reading it, as with recent issues with my brother and sister-in-law and my first niece, don't know if I'm ready to read about this story.  But some day I would like to read it, and so it is on my TBR list.  I have loved working so closely with Amanda, and am a little sad to not be working across the hall from her this year.  But I'm sure I'll still see her at school, especially when all the communication arts teachers in the building meet!  And I'll keep up with her adorable daughter through Facebook, and of course her awesome blog!