Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hanging by a Thread by Sophie Littlefield

First, thanks to Netgalley and Random House Children's Book Division for letting me read the egalley of this.  I saw the author's name, and knew it from reading the Aftertime series by her.  In the Aftertime books, the main character is a really tough, kind of bad girl.  So I wasn't sure how that would translate into a teen book.  But no need to fear, Sophie Littlefield is a good writer in my opinion, because she can write different types of characters, they don't all seem the same.  While Aftertime was a zombie story, this is a little bit different.  It's still got a paranormal edge, the main character Clare can sense things about people by touching clothing.  She's moved back to the town her mother grew up in, and that she lived for awhile when she was younger.  It's a little different now, there have been 2 murders, or a murder and a disappearance in the past two years.  Both on the same day of the year.  It's now coming up on the anniversary of that day, and the town is getting nervous and hoping that another tragedy doesn't occur.  Clare has gotten back to her friend, and it seems like nothing has changed in their friendship, other than her friend seems to be a little different.  Clare's big thing is taking old pieces of clothing, and giving them new life.  Cutting them apart, putting new trim, different parts together, etc.  One of the things she finds, a denim jacket from a consignment store, gives her a very, very strong vision, and she thinks it is a clue to the death or disappearance of the second kid, Amanda, a girl who Clare's best friend used to be friends with.
This talent Clare has is one that has been passed down from generation to generation.  In fact, the reason Clare's mom moved away in the first place was because of something Clare's grandmother saw.  Clare's mom has always tried to tell her to stop doing it, and told her it wasn't a good thing.  But it seems this jacket wants Clare to solve the mystery of Amanda's disappearance.  In the mix is the town bad boy.  But is he really a bad boy?  Or does he just not conform to the small town way?  Clare feels an attraction to him, but tries to fight it.
This was a good story.  I enjoyed finding out what happened, although I began to suspect something like the actual answer.
I hope there will be a sequel, although this was a totally good stand alone novel if that is all it will be.  I will be looking up other books by this author now that I know the wide range she can write.