Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Featured Blog: Charlotte's Web of Books

Today, as part of my month long celebration of my 3rd Blogoversary, I will be featuring one of my favorite fellow bloggers.  Charlotte of Charlotte's Web of Books, is not just a blogger that has inspired me, she is a friend.  We used to work together at Barnes and Noble, she was one of my managers, until she got married and moved away.  :-(  I miss Charlotte a lot, but thanks to the Internet I can still keep up with what she's reading at her blog.  Charlotte is the blogger that really got me dedicated to being a full time blogger, in as much as I can with working 2, and at times, 3 jobs.  I asked Charlotte to describe how she knew me, and then give a review of a book.  This is a book she has reviewed already on her blog, but since I haven't read it yet, I'm excited to get her take on it.

Happy Anniversary, Lisa!!  Congratulations of three whole years of blogging! I first met Lisa, Wow, it has been over five years ago when I was first transferred to the Zona Rosa Barnes & Noble where we both worked.  We bonded over our mutual fondness of Single-Girl-Finds-Her-Prince-Charming Chick Lit novels.    We would discuss authors such as Meg Cabot,  Stacey Ballis, and of course Stephenie Meyer.
I first started blogging over four years ago as a way to keep track of the books that I had read.  This was before Goodreads was really popular and I was reading so many books that I wanted an easy way to keep track of what I had read.   I don’t know how many times over the years I have referred back to my blog before making a purchase or placing a book on hold at the library, so it has certainly been handy.  I love blogging because I feel like I can share so many books that get looked over by more mainstream reviewers.  My interest in books have changed just a bit over the course of four years.  Thanks to Lisa I have become more open to reading Young Adult novels.  Recently I read Partials by Dan Wells, here is what I thought…

Partials is a post-apocalyptic novel set not too far in the future.  99.96% of the human race was obliterated by the Partials. The Partials group of non-human beings that were first developed by the Government to win a global war, they lived harmoniously among the humans until they turned on the government and obliterated the human race.

The survivors have gathered in East Meadow, New York on Long Island and they are desperate to find a cure to the biological warfare that is preventing the human race from procreating.  Life today is ruled by the Senate and all women, by law, are to become pregnant.  Sixteen year old Kira is a Medic-In-Training and has just started her training in the maternity ward when she realizes that they are going about it all wrong.  She knows they need a live Partial to do testing on if they want to find a cure to the virus and start repopulating the Earth.   But getting a Partial is anything from easy.  Kira enlists the help of her friends and they set off on a journey that will change them and their world, but will she be able to find the cure that they are all desperate to find?

Partials is a fast paced "What If" kind of novel that sucks you deep into the world of "What If".  Kira is a very strong, interesting female character and I loved to see her grow as the story progressed.  Her relationship with Samm was my favorite part of the book.  And when the tables are turned and she discovers a shocking revelation, well, it just made the book all that much better.

Bottom line, post-apocalyptic novels are only as good as your imagination allows them to be.  I loved seeing the future world through Kira's eyes and I could see glimpses of our world in her world.  If you like those kind of novels, then you need to check out Partials. You won't be disappointed.  I promise.

I am even now more interested in reading this book!  I know several of you out there may have already read it, but in the spirit of learning new things with my blogging, today I'm going to have a giveaway of this book using The Book Depository.  I've yet to use this resource, I try so hard to support my Barnes and Noble bookstore, but I see a lot of other bloggers using this, and so I'm going to try it out.  If you'd like to win a copy of this book, just fill out the rafflecopter form below.  You do need to make sure that The Book Depository delivers to your country here.  No requirements, just a free entry, but if you want more entries, you can follow me if you don't already, and definitely go follow Charlotte!  This giveaway will only last till Friday at midnight, so be sure to get entered!

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