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Blog Tour Review: Call Me Maybe by Stephie Chapman

Book info:
TitleCall Me Maybe
Author:  Stephie Chapman
Genre: Adult romantic comedy
Release Date:  October 9th, 2019

Source: E-galley from Rachel's Random Resources which did not influence my opinion
My rating:  4 stars


What if you got a second chance with your first love?

What happens when you meet your teenage heart-throb – when you’re both all grown up? When Cassie was fifteen, all she wanted was to marry Jesse Franklin, the bassist from her favourite band, Franko. Now she’s single, in her late twenties and wondering what happened to that teenage dream.

A chance encounter on Facebook soon leads to a transatlantic hook up, and soon, Jesse and Cassie are having a long-distance love affair spanning five thousand miles.

Cassie is on cloud nine – until she hears something that makes her think that Jessie might not be all that he seems. They say never meet your heroes – but what happens when you fall in love with them…?

Are Cassie and Jessie star crossed lovers, destined to be together? Or should Cassie have left her crush in the box marked teenage memories? 

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My Review:
This was a really sweet and really fun story!  As someone who was a huge boy band fan, still is, haven't missed a New Kids on the Block concert since they've come back, this is kind of a dream come true type of story.  I really enjoyed the way the two of them just kind of clicked.  How even though he was once her idol, for the most part, when they were together, he became just a normal guy that was perfect for her.  I did have some of my usual issues with stories like these, the whole keeping secrets that really didn't need to be kept and then only caused drama when they came out. Although I feel like Cassie may have overreacted a bit, I still got her feelings.  And when someone kind of pointed out to her what was causing her to do that, even I had an "a-ha!" moment like she did.  So it was nice that author didn't keep to what the usual reasons might have been.  Another thing that I wondered about was how easily Jessie overlooked some of her British slang, words that aren't often used even on the crossover shows we see, like when they used the word "mooched" and he didn't have to ask what she meant?  Also, it's basically a fade away into black for the sexy scenes, which isn't my preference, but I know some people prefer that.  Anyway, there were good characters, a great story, and a great HEA.

Author Info:

Stephie was born in England in the mid 1980s, which makes her thirty-something (but if you ask, she'll probably tell you she's 27). Now, she lives on the South coast of the UK, has a day job to keep her holiday budget topped up, and two kids and a husband to keep an eye on.

Getting Over Jesse Franklin and Jetplanes to Jupiter were born out of a healthy appreciation of bass guitars (and the dudes who play them), and Franko was very much inspired by her favourite band as a teenager. So now you know.

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