Saturday, March 10, 2018

Let's Wrap Up This Week!

This has been a week.  Not good, not horrible though either. Although today, well today was pretty awesome.  Today was the 2nd annual Kinky in Kansas City - which is a romance author convention in my hometown.  If you didn't see my post about it last year, you can check that out HERE.  But let's start with some quick fun pictures of me with the authors and cover models I went to see today:

So, Amy Daws is a majorly favorite author of mine.  I've loved her ebooks and also am in love with the audiobooks of her Harris Brothers series. 

I knew I was going to wear my Harris Ho shirt this year, and when I walked in and went straight to visit Amy's table first, she was happy to see my shirt.    If you haven't read any of her books yet, here are the links to my reviews.
London Lovers Series
Becoming Us and A Broken Us

London Bound
Not the One
That One Moment

Harris Brothers series:

Of course the reason I found out about the convention last year was because of a cover model I follow on Facebook.  So I had to stop by and see him again, get another autographed book and some of his Havok clothing line!

That's Jonny James standing next to me on the left side of the picture.  Next to me is author T.S. Joyce, who I have yet to read, because she writes shifter romances, that I don't usually read, and on the other side of her is cover model Tyler Halligan.  I bought one of her books last year, because it had Jonny on the cover mainly. But haven't read it.  This  year, I've decided that the title of one and the idea behind it is so out there, I have to give it a try. So I bought it.

Son of Kong?  Because yeah, I can't not try it.  And plus, it has Jonny on the cover.  Jonny, who when I told him my first name, remembered me from Facebook, kind of guessed my last name!  He was saying I'd think he was a stalker, when it's kinda the opposite.  I always feel when I comment on authors or cover models Facebook posts, that I seem like a stalker.

Now, let's look at my total haul for the day:

And here are some closer shots:

There was lots of cool swag, you can't see most of it in the picture because I kind of put it all in the mug.  But I got a candy bar and a sucker, and then this cool little surfer dude from Michelle Mankin, because her latest book is a surfer story.

So that was a blast!  I am so happy that they had this another year.  I hope they keep having it in KC and that more and more authors attend each year!

Now let's talk about some other books I got this week:

This was one of my top TBR wishlist books, and I was lucky enough to get a copy!  Gretchen McNeil is a favorite author of mine!

Another of my favorite authors is Tessa Gratton, so I practically begged to be on the blog tour for this.  I got my book to read a little later and I was shocked to see a finished copy instead of an ARC arrive!  I plan to start reading tomorrow!

This is a copy of the book that I won from LJ Shen on Facebook a couple weeks ago. Can't wait to read it!

Another ARC I was excited about getting because it is on my TBR list.

Another awesome prize I won from Facebook, can't wait to read this one either.

Now, as to what made this week not so great.  I've probably mentioned that I was thinking about moving.  My real estate agent got me really excited a week or so ago when she said there might be a cash buyer interested at my house in what I was asking.  So then I spent all of this past week trying to get my house ready to sell.  Now, I knew I needed to replace carpet and paint.  But to get it ready quickly, I paid for carpet cleaning.  Suffice it to say that the showing didn't get me an immediate offer.  Not only that, but earlier in the week I spent one day where my mom was emailing me all day about how I probably shouldn't try to sell my house and find a new one right now, and my brother was texting me basically the same thing.  So I stressed out a lot, almost had a panic attack that day.  I had kind of decided as of yesterday that maybe I still wanted to sell, put the proceeds from the sale in the bank and rent for a while.  After the feedback I got from the showing yesterday though, I am considering that maybe I just want to continue to stay here for now.  Probably best financially at the moment.  I just wanted a house with a fenced yard where my dogs could play.  Oh well.  It is what it is.

I'm also a little upset that now that I seem to not be going to sell my house or move, I gave up the opportunity to be a volunteer at Apollycon in two weeks, meaning there are a couple authors I really wanted to meet that I'm going to miss out on. 

Oh well, I told myself I wasn't going to think about the house stuff anymore today. So I'm done talking about that.  Spring break is this upcoming week.  I hope to get a lot of writing, at least my short story ready to try to send in to a publisher. 

How was your week?