Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sign Up Post for Blog Ahead Challenge 2017

Once again I'm signing up for the Blog Ahead Challenge hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup.  I always find this to be a huge help whenever I am participating in NaNoWriMo.  Which I do intend to do again this year.  Although this year, I'm planning to edit and revise my NaNo story from a few years ago that is the only one I've ever finished. That way I can get it ready to either start trying to submit to publishers, or maybe just ready to self-publish if I decide to do that. But as I've never finished and then gone through the revising process, I feel like that is important to do. 

The Goal

Build your total number of scheduled posts by 31!
On October 1st take your number of scheduled posts and add 31.
Whatever that number is...that's your goal for the month.
You'll end the day on Oct 31st with that many scheduled posts. Woots!
Example- If you start October with 5 scheduled posts 
you end Oct with 36 scheduled posts.

Who Can Join

Any blogger or author can join. 
Brand new, been around for years...
Blogger, Wordpress or other platform...
Any heat level, genre or theme, etc.
If you're welcome to join!

Types of Posts that Count?

Any posts that you finish in October and will publish November 1st or later...count! 
Meme, review, guest post, interview, discussion.
Cooking posts, pet posts, photo posts, etc. 
Posts do NOT have to be book related.

What Should You Do Next?

1] Add your blog to the linky list HERE
2] Create a blog post to keep track of your goals!
Don't forget to link back to the original post so others can join in!
This can be done any time from now until Nov 1
3]Spread the Word--invite your friends/fellow bloggers!
4] Grab the button!
That's it!  This has always helped me, and has even got me in the habit of keeping things posted ahead on a weekly basis.  So now the goal will be to get next month planned, as much as I can, since a lot of my posts are now tours it seems, I will be doing a lot of other types.  Making sure I get all my reviews done ahead, but then saving for November.  Should help with my revising time!